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Newborn sibling photos

Big brother photo session

It is 1962, in a southern province of the USSR. Lyudmila, a devoted functionary of the Soviet regime, is caught up with other Party colleagues in a strike at the local factory, and in the middle of the…

On a cruise ship off the coast of Patagonia, a crew member discovers a magical portal leading to a woman’s apartment. Simultaneously, a group of villagers find a terrifying hut…

Daniel is an honest cop, but ends up making a mistake that jeopardizes his career. With no clear horizons in the city of Curitiba, he sets out on a journey to find Sara, the woman with whom he…

Experimental documentary of research and divulgation about contemporary art today that compiles the opinions, experiences and anecdotes of artists, gallery owners, curators, museum directors,…

William Tell is an ex-military man who has spent a decade in prison and, upon his release, makes a living as a poker player. His meticulous life is turned upside down when he meets Cirk, a young man who seeks revenge…


This high technology is applied to cases with hypoacusis or deep bilateral neurosensorial deafness, it also includes adults who receive it through the appropriate services of the Cuban Otorhinolaryngology.

The total or significant hearing loss may occur in newborns, so it was also incorporated a universal screening for the early detection of risk factors for such disability. The program includes a study and follow-up after the CI for the replacement of the device when necessary.

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Photos of older siblings with babies

Isolated in Jamaica from May to December 1815, he impatiently awaits the moment to intervene again in the struggle. In the meantime, he meditated on the destiny of Spanish America and in September he wrote the famous Letter of Jamaica, where he embraced with penetrating understanding and prophetic vision the past, present and future of the continent.

He stood out among his contemporaries for his talents, his intelligence, his will and abnegation, qualities that he placed entirely at the service of a great and noble enterprise: that of liberating and organizing for civil life many nations that today see in him a Father. His mortal remains, brought to Venezuela with great pomp in 1842, rest today in the National Pantheon.

Newborn sibling photos en línea

Days later, the best known mommy in the universe 2.0 wanted to talk about ”the invisible postpartum recovery” and the consequences of having given birth eight times: ”Tuna abdominal diastasis of more than 4 cm (she could not even give me the exact measurement, because it did not fit in the ultrasound) and the pelvic floor somewhat weakened and ‘low””, she confessed.

Now, her profile has been filled again with the naturalness that characterizes her for a reason that is far from the previous one. And this time the youtuber has opened up to be honest about the adolescent stage that her firstborn Aimar is going through.

”But I LOVE this stage, I love to see how he builds a human being that I admire: he has a special sensitivity, he is so generous with his time and dedication! The first to give help if the neighbor needs it… the one who is always on the list of volunteers”, she expressed proud of the eldest of the brothers.

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