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Oracion de la buena suerte

Prayer for good luck and love

This saint is also related to the clover, as it is said that with this he explained the importance of the Holy Trinity, however, considering that this plant is in turn linked to good luck when it has four leaves, some take the opportunity to make their prayers on this special day; therefore, today we want to share with you an incredible prayer with which you can attract success and abundance, which was published by the portal ‘Faithful to God’.

Saint Patrick, today I want to entrust you my frustrations, I leave at your feet my worries, all my anxieties, what does not let me sleep. I want to entrust to you this anxiety and all anxiety, I place it in your hands at this moment and I renounce all worries. I will not worry about what to eat, or what to drink, or what to wear.

I am a magnet of good luck, I attract what I think. My mind is renewed in your presence St. Patrick, revived in the understanding, that you are in control of my finances and all your luck rests with me. You clothe me with grace before the world, I attract all wealth; a mantle of generosity you placed on me to share with the most needy, all your blessings.

Prayer to attract all good things

O God, protect him from all evil hearts and mockery and make him happy in successive dawn and dusk. I ask Almighty God to look at you as he flaunts you before his angels and says (I loved my servant and loved him).

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Oh God, give him what he desires and what you love for him and you are satisfied with him, God I ask you this person to keep him away from worry, and by mercy close him and achieve everything he wants and make his day happy . .

My prayers for you in this world to wrap you with joy in all matters, to take care of you in life and forever, and for God to bless you in your family and in your money, and to raise your status for you in his creation, and to make you better in your day and the rest of your days, God willing.

O God, the house of the book, the opening of the doors, and the gathering of the beloved. O God, I ask you to live with him as rain and gather him with all those who love God and make everything easy and power everything difficult, and make his days a feast and happy and long-lived, O God.

Prayer for good luck in the lottery

If everything is going wrong for you and nothing is working out as you expected, don’t worry because we have the solution to your problems with the miraculous Blood of Christ and the prayer for luck. It is a very simple, but very powerful prayer that can change your life in ways you can’t imagine. Do you want to learn how to pray this prayer? Then do not move from here.

This will depend on the effort, it is not that out of nowhere you will receive millions, just trust, work and pray with great faith, so that the blood of Christ will cover you, keep away from all evil and you can see a new side of your life. You can even complement this prayer with the one for desperate or urgent miracles.

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Ancient prayer for good luck

The 2019 Christmas Lottery draw is just around the corner and many already have their tenth ticket ready for this Sunday, December 22. When it comes to this great event, there are different superstitions and beliefs that are considered to bring luck when it comes to touching the big jackpot prize. One long-standing belief is that of San Pancrazio, considered the lucky saint.

How the image of San Pancracio should be placedIn addition, it is not only enough to place it anywhere, but three conditions must be taken into account. On the one hand, the way it is positioned: with the raised finger facing the inside of the store or house. On the other hand, money should be placed nearby and a bunch of parsley.

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