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Oracion para la suerte

Prayer for luck and to open roads

The prayer to St. Michael the Archangel to ask for good luck and fortune that we present in La Verdad Noticias, is the ideal prayer for devotees of the warrior angel who seek his intervention in their daily lives, known for being the protector of humanity, with the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, he can offer us his support in adversity, shield us from all evil and intervene so that good luck never abandons us or our loved ones. With devotion and faith in your heart, you can repeat the following prayer every time you need the leader of God’s armies to send good luck and fortune in your direction and help you as well as keep you protected in your daily life.

Prayer for good luck and attracting money

But first we will tell you about how he became a saint; Saint Cono was born on June 3, 1854 in a village located in Italy. His parents did not agree with their son dedicating his life to the church so he decided to run away.

Every June 3rd in Florida, a town in Uruguay, becomes a very popular religious festivity among its inhabitants, thanks to San Cono and the visit to his church. Thousands of faithful from all over the continent come to thank him for their good luck, offering him paintings, bicycles, scooters and even wedding dresses.

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Prayer for good luck at work

The 2019 Christmas Lottery draw is just around the corner and many already have their tenth ticket ready for this Sunday, December 22. When it comes to this great event, there are different superstitions and beliefs that are considered to bring luck when it comes to touching the big jackpot prize. One long-standing belief is that of San Pancrazio, considered the lucky saint.

How the image of San Pancracio should be placedIn addition, it is not enough to place it in any place, but three conditions must be taken into account. On the one hand, the way it is positioned: with the raised finger facing the inside of the store or house. On the other hand, money should be placed nearby and a bunch of parsley.

Ancient prayer for good luck

This saint is also related to the clover, as it is said that with this he explained the importance of the Holy Trinity, however, considering that this plant is in turn linked to good luck when it has four leaves, some take the opportunity to make their prayers on this special day; therefore, today we want to share with you an incredible prayer with which you can attract success and abundance, which was published by the portal ‘Faithful to God’.

Saint Patrick, today I want to entrust you my frustrations, I leave at your feet my worries, all my anxieties, what does not let me sleep. I want to entrust to you this anxiety and all anxiety, I place it in your hands at this moment and I renounce all worries. I will not worry about what to eat, or what to drink, or what to wear.

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I am a magnet of good luck, I attract what I think. My mind is renewed in your presence St. Patrick, revived in the understanding, that you are in control of my finances and all your luck rests with me. You clothe me with grace before the world, I attract all wealth; a mantle of generosity you placed on me to share with the most needy, all your blessings.

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