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Pacific time dahlia

National Dahlia Day

Whale in sight, some tourists will say while sailing in the waters of the Colombian Pacific, on their way to what could be one of the most pleasing experiences to the human eye and ear: the arrival of humpback whales in their reproductive and calf care stage, which takes place between June and November.

The transit of these humpback whales arouses such fascination that, with the passage of time, it has become one of the most important tourist activities in the area, contributing to the socioeconomic strengthening of local communities.

Therefore, it is important to analyze how the main actors are doing and managing this activity, that is, to evaluate the governance of whale watching taking into account the perspective of the communities, the role of the tourism companies and the officials of the National Natural Parks of Colombia, in order to recognize good practices and propose strategic solutions for those processes that are not being carried out effectively or correctly.

Dahlia flowering

3First Fiambre Festival456Pacífico en Positivo – Forum: “Inclusivida…7II Business Fair and Local Suppliers Nort… “El Tiempo de las Regiones” – Presidential Forum…8II Business Fair and Local Suppliers Nort…9

April 202220Apr2022Conversatory: “Social initiatives in the framework of the SDGs “This event, which focuses on sustainable development in the department of Cauca, is organized by the Corporación Universitaria Comfacauca. From 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Unicomfacauca – Room 504 – Tower D.

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27Apr2022Conversatory: Social initiatives in the framework of the SDGsThis event is organized by the Corporación Universitaria Comfacauca and focuses on sustainable development in the department of Cauca. From 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Unicomfacauca – Room 504 – Tower D.

Dahlias that are

“Afro-Colombian woman which hope of life, hands that weave in the history of a people”, This is the motto that represents Aura Dalia. A leader born in Tumaco and whom the District of Buenaventura gave birth to leadership in the black people, because she has dedicated her life to the organizational strengthening of the communities of the Colombian Pacific from their knowledge and universal spiritual beliefs.

All her trajectory served for Aura Dalia to define that her main working group would be women, with whom she would address the Afro-female empowerment linked to spiritual power, which is a legacy of her African beliefs in which she learned to connect with herself, with her inner self and that allows her to bond collectively.

“Everything comes as a gift, from God and life, simply what you have received for free, give it for free, so I try to give back what has been given to me and when life calls you for something it is not for free, that something always has to do with service, with others, with the people, so I always talk about my people without losing sight of who I am, who we are, where we come from without losing the north, that “I am”; Aura Dalia mentions.

Dahlia flower description

Dalia – Pink$290.000 $174.000Handmade by artisans of the Colombian Pacific coast in Paja Tetera and Checa chaquira. The Paja tetera is worked in Guapi by a women’s cooperative and the lachaquira checa technique is elaborated by the Embera indigenous community in Chocó, Colombia.

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Categories: Crossbody, Handles, SaleThe disturbing and unknown nature of the new kingdom become the starting point for this collection. An immersion into the aesthetic and artistic depth of herbariums and plates that freeze in time the majesty of the unexplored; flowers, plants and organisms full of mysticism that bring character and influence the aesthetic sense of the collection. Images with a unique narrative language that evoke the magic of the environment and the par- ticularity of the specimens captured in leathers, natural inks, cottons, linens and organic traces that undergo a “Creative Metamorphosis” and become the forms, silhouettes, prints and processes for this collection.      ColorRosaRelated products

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