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Paintings of rain

How to paint rain with oils

Rain is one of the most interesting subjects that can be treated, with a great expressive variety. Paint a soft spring rain, a heavy winter rain or sudden summer storms. It rains in cities, in nature, on people, and so on. And in addition, there are many atmospheric effects related to rain: steam, humidity, wet areas, etc.    These are fundamental and very attractive pictorial themes. The beauty of rain could not be ignored by painters, and that is why in this theme I collect some good works of paintings with rain as the protagonist.

Two paintings by the artist Hiroshige: The first work with strong straight lines, something between crossed, that simulate a very powerful rain. The second with more brushwork and thinner lines that generate masses of rain, also defined with parallel lines.

Another great artist, very interested in themes related to nature, painted this rain, strong, expressive and very powerful, over the sea. With a very pictorial brushwork, he achieves a direct and effective effect. The dark tone of clouds is related to the brushstroke of the same tone that falls downward simulating rainwater, a fundamental color relationship. A great example of how to paint rain.

Painting the rain

One of the most common concerns when painting a house is the weather. Temperature changes should be a key factor when changing the facade of your home. Here are some tips to keep in mind during the rainy season.

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Painting Interiors: Although the rain does not generate any restrictions when painting, we must take into account that the walls are completely dry and that there is no possibility of them getting wet. When opening the windows be careful that the water enters and soaks the walls, this would be detrimental to the paint.

Painting exteriors: Before painting it is important to verify that there is no chance of rain, if so it is better to wait another day. This is due to the fact that the exterior walls take between 3 to 4 hours to dry with a temperature higher than 20Cº, being essential that there is no humidity in any area. If a wall is wet, it is essential to wait 24 hours for the surface to dry, and pay more attention to the sections where sunlight does not reach, such as cracks, moldings and holes.

Famous rain paintings

The academic event will conclude next Friday, July 17 and is organized by the Orizaba-Córdoba Vice Rectory; the UNESCO Chair on Citizenship, Education and Environmental Sustainability of Development; the General Directorate of International Relations (DGRI), and the academic body (CA) Management and Control of Environmental Pollution.

Elena Rustrián Portilla, head of the AC, commented that on this occasion the conferences will be in webinar mode and have the objective of inviting students to reflect on topics in the area of environmental engineering.

In our country, specifically in the Gulf of Mexico, there is an important settlement of the oil industry, which has brought with it the construction of an impressive field of platforms that can be seen from space, in addition to refineries, transportation and factories related to oil.

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“Sometimes the problem is more serious; for example, at one site in Oaxaca, on two stelae that probably in the past had writing and colors, now you can see almost nothing. In Mitla there are areas with beautiful colors and complex graphics, but most have been lost; and in Palenque, Chiapas, the same thing is happening.”

Paintings of rain del momento

Much has been said that the world of photography is going through a period of stagnation, where the techniques are the same, as well as the angles and subjects. Fortunately, from time to time photographs emerge that give a breath of fresh air to such a beautiful profession, showing that to take pictures, you not only need a camera, but creativity and to see the world from a different perspective.

The key is undoubtedly in creativity, but an element that often goes unnoticed is that which is there with us, naturally and without the need to be looking for it or recreating it through some other technique. This is how today we will see some fascinating photographs that take advantage of rainy days and a glass.

Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia, specializing in urban landscapes, and the occasional natural one. But this time we will see the work he does when he combines those everyday cityscapes, with rainy days, but with the addition of a glass from which he captures each of these scenes.

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