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The vast majority (if not all of us) have a pair of sneakers or shoes that we like to wear almost every day, either because they are the most comfortable, the most beautiful, combine with everything or simply because they are our favorites. But…

If you wear shoes or sneakers every day, it is normal that they end up deforming and wearing out sooner in the same areas, especially on the inside and on the sole. This deterioration implies that we begin to step incorrectly and that the feet begin to suffer pain or pathologies (in addition to other structures such as knee, hip or back).

There are certain types of footwear that cause foot pain if they are abused. A clear example is high heels or flip-flops in summer. Due to their characteristics (heel height or thin sole and lack of support), these two examples of footwear can cause pain and pathologies such as plantar fasciitis, sprains, calluses, etc.

In addition, if we get our feet used to certain characteristics of a shoe on a daily basis (specific last, specific materials, a few centimeters of heel, drop, etc.) when we change to another model we will notice much more this variation of elements, resulting in possible pain or injuries.

Zapatos valles

Algunas de las tecnologías que usamos son necesarias para funciones básicas como la seguridad y la integridad del sitio, la autenticación de la cuenta, las preferencias de seguridad y privacidad, datos internos de uso del sitio y mantenimiento, y para que el sitio funcione correctamente mientras exploras y durante las transacciones.

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Los zapatos son muy chulos y se ajustan perfectamente, son exactamente lo que quería y sin duda los volvería a comprar!! el envío tardó mucho pero los retrasos con la pandemia son comprensibles!! definitivamente una gran compra!

En virtud de la normativa sobre contratos de consumo de 2013, tienes derecho a cancelar tu pedido en un plazo de 14 días. El plazo de 14 días comienza el día siguiente al de la recepción de la mercancía. Debe informarnos de su deseo de desistir por escrito por correo electrónico en un plazo de 14 días a partir del día siguiente al de la recepción de los bienes. Debe cuidar razonablemente los bienes y puede inspeccionarlos y evaluarlos, pero no utilizarlos. Debe devolvernos los bienes sin usar y en su embalaje original, siempre que sea posible, lo antes posible después de informarnos de su deseo de desistir. Si nos devuelve los productos, no nos haremos responsables de cualquier pérdida o daño que sufran durante el transporte y le recomendamos que utilice un método de entrega certificado o seguro. Si la mercancía se pierde o se daña durante el transporte, no podremos reembolsarle el dinero ni cambiar el artículo. Tenga en cuenta que su derecho de desistimiento NO se aplica a determinados artículos que vendemos, por ejemplo, los fabricados según su pedido

Andreas shoes

The urban fashion fair Bread & Butter opened its doors today, amid rumors about its future, with a strong commitment to footwear, which has become an increasingly fashionable element, judging by the number of exhibitors presenting novelties for the feet.

Apparently, the organization has accepted an offer to return to Berlin and set up in the historic Tempelhof airport, in the center of the city, which has been closed to air traffic since last October, but we have to wait until Friday, the 23rd, for this news to be confirmed or denied.

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A party in Hall 7, called “BBB family”, and the parade of Desigual, which presented a collection of great graphic impact, with embroidery and exuberant colorful prints and handmade strokes as a trademark of the house, have given way to this fair, which will also serve as a stage for other brands such as Custo Barcelona and G-Star present their proposals.

In the case of women, brands like Camper present rather thick heels made of rubber or wood, of “human” height to be able to wear them several hours a day, and with elastic details and less bulky soles.

One step further

But there is more. Let those who have not bought a pair of shoes simply because it was ‘love at first sight’, or because of their price, color or fashion, leaving aside other important aspects for the welfare of the feet, cast the first stone. Mortal sin! Yes, because it’s not just about putting on those stilettos, platforms, boots, sandals, sneakers or any type of footwear that is trendy. First you have to think about the health of your feet because a bad choice, over time, can end up taking its toll.

Four basic aspects to watch out forManel Pérez Quirós, member of the board of the CGCOP is clear about the priorities when choosing shoes: “we should always look for the adaptation of the footwear to our foot and never the other way around”. “That means that if, for example, we have a very wide foot, we should look for a shoe with the appropriate span,” assures the expert.

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Finally, heel support is also important. It is important to make sure that the foot is kept in an even position so that it does not twist to one side, as this can even lead to an ankle sprain.

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