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Party flowers

Decoration of flowers for women’s birthdays

Paper flowers are an excellent element of decoration, we can use them to decorate many areas of our house so we will see the best ideas of paper flowers for decoration and decorations with paper flowers very easy to make and that we will serve to set any space in our house and turn it into a place of high decoration. So if you want to learn how to decorate with paper flowers stay to see these ideas.

We can decorate with paper flowers using a few flowers of beautiful colors and arrange them as if it were a centerpiece these can be used in lots of places for example we can is an outdoor area and make a few giant paper flowers to decorate a space where to take pictures and turn it into an improvised plate of photographs is ideal to make a photocall at a wedding.

Decorating with giant paper flowers is another solution that we can resort if we want to make cool and fun modern settings using paper flowers we can place just one of these stunning flowers in a place in the house and gain a presence in the room and also enhance any room in our home.

Natural flowers for decoration

Among the flowers to decorate are tulips, with more than 100 species, they are famous for their elegance and variety of colors, and they represent the symbol of pure and desperate love.

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It is a type of flower that is very exotic, but also fresh, relaxing and discreet. Use it for the centerpieces, the decoration of the ceremony pews or for the bride’s hairstyle.

They come in different colors such as purple, violet, pink or white, and their meaning can vary according to their color, for example, yellow represent creativity, white ones tenderness, or pink ones deep love.

Colombia has more than 4,000 orchids and more than 200 genera distributed throughout the country. Among its characteristics you will find its elegance and versatility due to its wide palette of colors such as white, light pink, strong pink, lilac and purple.

Another wedding flower that can replace roses are the beautiful and simple peonies. With an oriental origin, their significance is as important as that of the lotus flower and the chrysanthemum.

Large paper flowers

This is a great alternative to the typical Christmas pine trees.    Norfolk Island pines look fantastic both indoors and planted outside in the ground. These pines are tropical in origin and grow best in areas with good natural light. They can be potted indoors and decorated with Christmas lights or ornaments. It is a very easy plant to get even with these decorations in any gardening department.

The Christmas cactus looks more like a type of climbing plant or vine than a cactus. It develops long arms that are ideal for hanging in baskets. Its flowers are beautiful and usually bloom between December and February.

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The night of your party has to be ideal, and for that you should not forget at the end of the party ‘THE COTILLON’. There are always several options: ‘a thematic cotillion like halloween’, or choose the elements only in one color, or use phosphorescence. Make up your mind by choosing the cotillion that best suits your style in the cotillion section!

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Choosing the model and making the appropriate tests are the keys to look like a star. You should no longer limit yourself to the traditional white, the range of colors and possibilities are becoming more and more varied, it all depends on your personal taste.

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