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Peônia paeonia officinalis

What is the medicinal use of peony?

This showy plant, which belongs to the Peoniaceae family, attracts attention because of its large and showy flowers. It is not a very easy plant to see. It usually grows in limestone shady areas, usually pine and gall oak forests. These specimens are part of the botanical treasure of the Sierra de Javalambre. They were photographed in the municipality of Manzanera (Teruel).this plant is considered a Protected Species of Special Interest, within the Catalogue of Threatened Species of Aragon.Bibliography:- Mateo Sanz, G.; 1990; Floristic Catalogue of the Province of Teruel; Ed.Institute of Studies of Teruel – Provincial Council of Teruel. BOA No. 42, April 7, 1995, Decree 49/1995 of March 28, 1995, regulating the Catalogue of Threatened Species of Aragon, p. 1275.

Perhaps because of the scarce traffic on a semi-abandoned road in a port of Teruel this species keeps more than 20 specimens on the roadside, mostly pink and at least one red, I would never have thought to find this “colony” of peonies in a place like this.

Peonies other names

The peony or China peony (Paeonia lactiflora) is of Asian origin. It belongs to the family Paeoniaceae, genus Peony, consisting of herbaceous parennial plants (Paeonia lactiflora, P. officinalis, P. ovobata, P. peregrina, among many others) and deciduous shrubs, such as the species Paeonia suffruticosa highly prized in gardening for the quality of its foliage, showy flowers and in some species, for the color of its fruits. This paper presents some varieties cultivated in the country, their propagation and growth cycle.

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Chahin A., María Gabriela and Sáez M., Consuelo (Jan/Feb-2003) Cultivation of peony in southern Chile, varieties, propagation and reproductive cycle [online].  Tierra Adentro. no. 48. Available at: (Accessed: ).

Peony scientific name

Original publicationPaeonia officinalis subsp. microcarpa (Boiss. & Reut.) Nyman. Consp. Fl. Eur. 1: 22 (1878)Ind. loc.Hab. in Castellae novae inter Ortigoso et Naval Peral de Tormes in sylvis quercinis,

Map elaborated on the basis of data from georeferenced photographs, SINFLAC or bibliographic data. The hexagonal marks correspond to citations automatically extracted from GBIF.Provinces in which it appears:B, Cc, L, Le, Zaautochthonous [naturalized] (occasional) doubtful? protected!

What is peony for?

Anthocyanins: peonin; flavonoids derived from kempferol; tannins. The composition of the flowers has been little studied and the data on its composition are old, unlike the peonies…Access to the complete data sheet

The peony flower, as well as the seeds and the roots, were used in folk medicine in the past to improve the appearance of some herbal teas…Access to the full product sheet

Commission E recommends to avoid its administration as it considers its therapeutic usefulness insufficiently proven. It does not object to the use of the petals as an excipient to improve the appearance of the skin…Access to the complete datasheet

In some countries there are preparations based on tincture, fluid or glycolic extract, in the form of creams or healing or antiviral gels. They are applied 2-3 times a day, in case of varicose veins, on the skin…Access to the full product sheet

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