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Perfect vents

Ventilation system for houses

It is important that rooms with natural gas appliances have adequate ventilation. The ventilation grilles must be in perfect condition and it is important to ensure that they are not obstructed, always allowing air to escape.

Natural gas is lighter than air, so it tends to rise and disperse quickly in the atmosphere. For this reason, in the case of natural gas installations, the grille must be close to the ceiling.

If we glaze the terrace or clothesline, we will have to put new vents to ensure our safety. Remember that in the inspection of your natural gas installation, the authorized technician will check, among other things, the state of the vents so that the gas does not concentrate in the house if there is a bad combustion.

Artificial ventilation architecture

What makes this unit special is its counter-current flow technology. The intake air and exhaust air pass through separate channels side by side through a heat exchanger and the hot exhaust air heats the cold intake air. This not only saves energy, but allows a uniform and continuous air supply.

In summer you can bypass this heat recovery by means of a bypass and cool the house with the pleasant night air. In addition, the maintenance of this device is very simple and it is also certified for passive houses.

We spend almost two thirds of our lives indoors. Dust, pollen, odors, high CO2 content or excessive humidity can be detrimental to our intellectual and physical performance.

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With controlled domestic ventilation, pollen can be kept at bay and we can once again breathe deeply and relaxed. But dust or dust mites can also be actively combated. Thus, a proper ventilation system helps us to improve air quality – and our comfort.

Use of covid fans

Ventilation systems in machine shops are especially necessary to maintain proper air quality and maintain a healthy environment. These spaces are sensitive to pollution levels from machining processes, fumes from engines or activities, heat, etc.

Mechanical workshops also use machinery, both in their repair and manufacturing processes, which has a direct impact on the temperature of the premises. This generates high levels of energy consumption that are also increased by the lighting and power tools that are constantly used.

Thus, the ventilation system used and, in particular, the distribution of clean air inlets and stale air outlets, must ensure effective air renewal in the workplace.

Adequate ventilation

for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles, regulation MB 345.0 For filling and venting of vehicles with HPS2 The tool is built on a 2-wheeled chassis with starting compartments for the original MB 20-liter container*, the 10-liter collection container, adapter hoses, adapters, hand pump and tools.

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