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Pinterest management services

Commerce and Services: management 2021

Currently about 75% of the content on this social network comes from businesses, so the introduction of new tools to manage advertising on Pinterest comes in handy for this entire group of businesses.

With these types of improvements, advertising on Pinterest has a much greater value for all advertisers, partners, retailers and any other type of figure who is interested in generating revenue through this social network, as it presents a greater ability to detect users who really generate revenue or added value to brands.

How to use Pinterest for business: complete guide [2020].

Only if you correctly identify the mistakes in your social network management can you improve for the future. To do this it is important to know well the network in which you want your company to have a presence and know well what are the most common mistakes that other companies make in this network. In this post we compile ten of the most common mistakes in one of the most popular social networks. If you want to succeed on Pinterest, these are the actions you have to avoid:

Stop! It’s all very well that you want your company to have a presence on social networks, but before jumping into the ring it is important that you define well what your goals are in social media and which networks can help you achieve them. There’s no point in opening profiles if you’re not going to have the means to manage them all properly. Once you have decided that your company should be on Pinterest and what your short, medium and long term goals are in this social network, it’s time to come up with a winning strategy that will help you achieve those goals. To do this, it is necessary to have a series of knowledge and skills, as well as time, that you will only find in qualified professionals.

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Pinterest is a good social network to generate traffic to your project (due to the characteristics of the network depends a bit on the sector) and we are going to tell you about a tool we use to simplify some tasks and generate more traffic with this network.

The TailWindApp tool allows us to schedule Pins to publish them over time and more efficiently than the scheduling option of the network itself. It also includes a feature called Tribes (undoubtedly the best option for your pins to gain more traffic) that allows us to search for a “network of pinterest accounts” with topics related to ours.

Once you have made the selection of the pinterest tribes you are interested in and after reading their posting rules (usually pin x pin or limitations on the number of daily pins you can send to the tribe) we can choose one of our pins and send it to the network. This will get repins from other users of the tribe while we improve our boards by posting interesting pins from other users.

Social Media Management for Companies

When you find a visual theme, photos or videos on the network, you can repin it and incorporate it into your boards to share with your followers, giving visibility to your brand, personal branding, or simply sharing content of interest.

Once you have created your account and boards you can invite your contacts to follow you, they can repin your pins and follow you, which causes a domino effect; your initial pin spreads through other users, always referring to your comments and linking to the URL you placed as a link.

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In some places I am struck by one of the phrases that we have all heard so many times, and even more in the work environment, where you have to get so many things “for yesterday”, in short what we know colloquially as improvisation.

And I ask myself. Would we be able to go to a job interview without taking proper care of our appearance, without having studied the trajectory of the company that is interviewing us, or even without having checked the possible spelling mistakes in our curriculum.

¿Que te ha parecido?