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Plumbing trailer setup

Garage and torsion spring installation part 3

Bends (short bend, long curve) / Y / double Y / Tee / Reducer / Combination / Double combination / Sanitary cross / Sanitary cross threaded / Adpater / Blind plug / Threaded iron body cleaning / P-trap / Deep sealing P-trap / P-trap with primer / P – trap with primer / P-trap with threaded inlet / two-way cleanout / cabinet bend / cabinet flange riser / cabinet flanges (mechanical) / DVT / backflow valve / SVT / reducer / P-trap / floor flange with test plate / cleanout – line with brass cap, etc… . .

Casting process: green sand casting, resin sand casting, shell mold casting, stamping, forging, centrifugal casting, horizontal line casting, compression casting line, permanent mold casting, investment casting (soluble glass, sol silica sol).

How to adjust the wheel clearance of a trailer.

IKLOB PACK . Dog feeder 42 L + Dog waterer , ideal for large and medium dogs. With this IKLOB PACK you will know that your dogs or pets will not lack food or water. High quality dog bowl, made of galvanized sheet with powerful zinc treatment against corrosion. High quality dog water bowl. Automatic drinking trough for pets of very easy assembly, equipped with an adjustable high pressure valve (up to 4 Kg.). Constant and adjustable water level for your pet I ship but by DHL free peninsula (islands consult) payment by bizum or credit card link through SumUp. Not negotiable12 EUR

Price lowered from 20 to 18 € by your request to share shipping costs Easy to assemble and adaptability can be placed on door frames with a width between 61 and 81 cm and a thickness between 12 to 16 cm This pull-up bar supports up to 136 kg of weight and has padded handles. Made of high strength steel X035568-110130 EUR

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Handrails (ASSEMBLY)

.Low angle horizontal portrait of young plumber in blue overalls and white helmet, tying red pipes in underfloor heating system in new unfinished apartmentUse of close-up three way water pipe connector for watering plant in garden, high angle viewStack of plastic pipes on white background, 3d illustrationPlastic PVC pipe sewer fittings on light background.

PVC pipe soldering iron, scissors, plastic pipes. Tools for plumbing works on wooden backgroundPlastic pipes in civil engineeringSoldering iron for PVC pipes on grey backgroundSoldering iron plastic pipesMan with red scissors cutting pipes for heating, or water. polypropylene mounting system


Plumbing is a specialty of the mechanical engineer applied to building and specialized plumbing, bringing together all the techniques used to circulate fluids (liquid or gas) through pipes, tubes, valves, taps, valves, pumps at the various points of use of an installation. The word comes from the Latin term for lead ( plumbum ) and originates from the use of this malleable metal to make plumbing installations in previous centuries.

These techniques have improved over time thanks to the development of scientific knowledge and its application. The first systematic applications of plumbing were the use of gravity and the first pumps, in agriculture, for irrigation by means of slopes and irrigation ditches.

The Romans built subway sewage systems (such as the Cloaca Maxima) under the roads and aqueducts that brought the drinking water necessary for life from elevated sources and at great distances from the cities served.

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