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Pottery party

The house of ceramics

Manises, a town in the province of Valencia, is located in the Horta Oest region. This city is known in the rest of Europe for the pottery that bears its seal of identity and also for the origin of the sailors who traded with it. Baptized with the name of “obra de Valencia” or “de Mallorca”, it dedicates a special chapter in its festivities to ceramics.

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The ceramic still life offers

Ceramics takes on a special nuance in the most important events of the city. The patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Justa and Rufina, patron saints of ceramists, are held in July.  The weekend before July 19, the city of Manises shows all its visitors the process of elaboration of ceramic craftsmanship, the artisans leave their workshops during these days and take to the streets to show us their art. In the Festa de la cerámica you can contemplate all kinds of techniques and procedures, which turn clay into an object of craftsmanship.

Everyone who attends the Festa can put into practice what they have seen, and even take home a creation of their own or buy a piece of handmade pottery.  Each edition tries to surpass the previous one, as it is intended to be a very participatory festival, representative of the artisan character of our town, and to help us promote our local crafts.

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This activity aims to reward and reward the trajectory of a lifetime dedicated to ceramics and the selfless work done by the artisans who help organize and participate in the Festa de la Cerámica.  This activity has been carried out since:

Second hand ceramics costa rica

If we had to highlight a trend, we have to look at the XXL formats, which seek to return to the classic, but in a refined way, dressing walls and floors. Customization is another predominant note, which opens the door to introduce ceramics in areas of the house where it was not conceived until very recently.

On the other hand, among the most outstanding products, it is fair to mention Rocersa, which won an Alfa de Oro with its three-dimensional product that does not require glazes and that can start a new journey in ceramic tiles.

Ceramic still life

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