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Pregnancy capsule wardrobe


Even though pregnancy is a time of transformation, you shouldn’t forget your personal style just because you’re expanding your family. Your body and your life are changing, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear leggings and sweatshirts 24 hours a day. Embracing your new life doesn’t mean leaving your old one behind.

Secondhand maternity clothes from your friends? We’re all for it, but sometimes it’s just not enough. When we talk about a maternity closet, we don’t mean impromptu purchases that you’ll only wear for a few weeks. Our new maternity collection is made up of simple, affordable pieces that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Haul shein clothing ideas for pregnant women 2021

The biggest surprise I’ve had with my capsule closet is that I never use all the clothes I select. Clearly, strictly speaking, I haven’t needed them because I’ve continued to dress myself.

Space in your closet can magically multiply, The Magic of Tidying Up, that book you’ve heard so much about. One of the most important things I have learned is that it is much easier to have a capsule closet if you also follow the Marie Kondo method.

It really is amazing how much space you save by simply folding your clothes vertically. And even more amazing is that since I’ve been using the KonMari method to organize my clothes… I haven’t had to rearrange my closet once! I am delighted.

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Now I have all my clothes in sight and I can choose the clothes I’m going to wear more easily. Think that what you don’t see you don’t wear. So I encourage you to do a radical cleaning of your closet and then sort it following this method. The results are incredible.


The changing seasons are synonymous with changing the closet: either saving or making some new purchases (although we must be consistent and buy only what we need). However, if the change of season has caught you pregnant and with your belly growing by the minute, you will need to feel good and more comfortable than ever so that the baby arrives in the best conditions.

The clothes you choose for the nine months have a great influence on the daily wellbeing you will need during pregnancy. With it you will have to feel, above all, comfortable so that it hinders your activities as little as possible. In addition, if you look good physically, it will be doubly good.

PREGNANT CAPSULE WARDROBE Without buying clothes

So, where do you start setting up a capsule closet when you are pregnant? During the first few months, the expectant mother can continue to wear her usual clothes, but things get complicated from the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, when the belly is already showing and the pants begin to not fasten properly.

Every summer, but especially if you are pregnant, the dress becomes the star garment for the hot months. The key will be to opt for patterns and fabrics that adapt to the evolution of our body, so that we can use them when the belly shows, but also at nine months.

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Midi-cut dresses are a basic in the closet of future moms, as they are not only very flattering, but can help to conceal the swelling of the legs (an unexpected guest on the summer vacations of many pregnant women). This Kiabi model, available in yellow and navy blue, can be worn during gestation, postpartum and throughout the breastfeeding period, as it incorporates a slit in the chest to make it more comfortable to feed the baby anywhere.

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