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Complete fixed dental prosthesis price

Fixed prosthesis: it is placed on implants or on the patient’s own teeth permanently in order to recover the functionality of your mouth, in addition to the quality of life lost after the absence of teeth.

Removable prosthesis: also known as dentures or removable dentures. This type of prosthesis can be of an entire arch or several teeth. Its purpose is the same as the previous one: to restore the patient’s masticatory and esthetic function.

Fixed dental prostheses can be cleaned as if they were natural teeth. To do this, it is advisable to follow the advice of the specialist, making a proper tooth brushing after every meal and avoiding the consumption of some foods and drinks with dyes such as coffee or black tea.

In case of loss of teeth, either one piece, several or all of them, it is necessary to opt for a dental prosthesis. In addition to restoring esthetics, it maintains the architecture of the dental arches, restores masticatory function and improves the patient’s phonetics.

How much does a hybrid dental prosthesis cost?

For a long time, artificial teeth were not given the “attention” they deserve in the dental laboratory, since the great passion of many dental technicians is ceramics. But resin is also a very versatile and very interesting material. For example, with the establishment of modern concepts in removable prosthetics (e.g. implant prosthetics), the artificial tooth or dental prosthesis has become increasingly important. Find out what three essential requirements the authors consider an artificial tooth should have today.

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Economical dentures

The metal-free dental prosthesis also called VALPLAST are prosthesis made of a resin based nylon or thermoplastic polymer almost invisible flexible, thin and when placed in the mouth takes the color of the gum so it is highly aesthetic and is very biocompatible with the tissues of the mouth.

They can be manufactured unilaterally or bilaterally in edentulous patients and unlike other prostheses which are made of acrylic and their hooks are made of metal or a combination of both, VALPLAST prostheses do not have metal and their hooks are made of the same material as the skeleton or support of the prosthesis, therefore they are mucosa-borne, that is to say, once placed in the mouth they are fixed to the gum in the form of a funnel and that is their main retention, therefore, they can be used in patients with periodontal diseases and dental mobility because they do not retain any dental piece, this is an advantage to consider of this type of dental prosthesis.

Ceramics are considered to be those products of an inorganic nature formed mainly by non-metallic elements obtained by the action of heat and whose final structure is crystalline. Dental ceramics have two phases:

Dental prosthesis on implants prices

One of the main dental problems is tooth loss. This can be caused by dental caries, oral trauma or diseases such as periodontitis. At Oralitá we help you to recover your smile and restore the health of your mouth thanks to the most innovative and effective techniques that exist in the market.

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The dental prosthesis is an effective solution to improve the functionality that your oral cavity has lost, therefore, the primary requirement of each prosthesis is to exercise a correct chewing function and restore aesthetics to your smile.

For a prosthetic treatment to have the expected success, we first focus on personalized advice to the patient, as it is the most important part of the process. On the other hand, we focus on the choice of the prosthesis and the material with which it will be made. We can assure you that we only work with the best materials on the market, which we know will guarantee a good result both for the patient and for us.

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