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Prism coffee table

How to make a BUCKET for cardboard trash PAPER BIN

In the first case, taking into account, for example, the CEPB gymnasium/auditorium/swimming pool sector, it is possible to note – with the necessary adaptations – solutions similar to those used in the Pedregulho residential complex (1946-1948) in Rio de Janeiro (V.G.):

The projects will have to include the following elements: 1) a helpdesk for users and authorities to answer all types of questions, technical or otherwise, concerning the digital tachograph; the service of

(2) the implementation of the digital tachograph, with particular attention to key aspects such as implementation, authorized workshops and issuing of cards; (3) the organization of seminars for accession countries (at least two per country) and for Member States requesting additional support for the implementation of the digital tachograph; (4) the assistance to AETR countries in the implementation of the digital tachograph and the establishment of the competent bodies for its application, by providing legal support to the UN-AETR Secretariat and the organization of three seminars.


Acero (5)Madera (1)Metal (9)MDF (6)Marmol (18)Melamina (23)Vinilo (1)Acero/MDF (2)Vidrio templado de 8mm y metal (1)Melamine (16)Pino importado (1)Pino + Mdf (2)Pino + Mdf + Vidrio (1)Acero + Vidrio (4)Melamine + Mdf (1)Melamine + Mdf + Vidrio (2)Melamine 18mm (10)Melamin03 (1)Melamin07 (1)Melamin08 (1)Melamin22 (1)Melamin23 (1)Estructura: Madera tornillo (11)Madera tornillo (10)Tapiz: Tela Iker (5)Melamina 18 mm (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamine amaderado y fierro (1)Madera MDF pintado en poliuretano (1)Madera pino y metal (1)Melamine,vidrio y fierro (1)Melamine, vidrio y metal (1)Melamine, patas de madera cachimbo (1)Melamine de 18mm (11)Genérico (1)Melamine 18mm (10)Melamina 18 mm (1)Melamina 18 mm (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18 mm (1)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina de 18mm (1)Melamina 18mm (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (10)Melamina 18mm (10)Metal (9)Vinilo (1)Vinilo (1)Metal (9)Madera (1)Madera (1)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (10)Melamina 18mm (26)Melamina 18mm (26)Madera (1)

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1. Books. They never fail. You can choose some nice ones or those you would like to browse in a quiet time sitting on the couch. If you’re not much of a book person, a few magazines might do the trick.

3. A box. They come in handy to hide things that we don’t like to be in sight, but that are necessary in a living room: TV remote controls, cell phone charger, glasses to see up close -the lazy ones- or far away -the myopic students-, etc.

4. Candles. They are very decorative and, if we light them, they bring warmth to the environment. A trick to avoid burning wax is to use candle holders with tealights (they are very cheap and last for a few hours).

6. Something colorful. Nowadays, 20th century porcelain is very fashionable (haven’t you seen parrots everywhere?) or Venetian glass figurines. Something to brighten up the table and attract attention.

Three pieces from a collection of huacos (pre-Columbian pottery), two of them anthropomorphic and the third a ceremonial vessel (which I have filled with kumquats to give color and a certain citrus scent).

Strength of Materials. Example of stress calculation

F-GRIP is a bonding system based on the principle of reversible adhesion. The developed adhesive consists of a nanostructured two-phase polymer with different bonding phases that are controlled based on temperature. Temperature management makes it possible to bond and debond any type of material with high clamping force and without compromising the areas to be machined.

– Hydraulic unit or double-acting pneumatic-hydraulic pump with 70 bar pressure, with unit-clamp connection hose, pressure switch, safety valve integrated in the unit and ON-OFF button.

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– Hydraulic power pack or single-acting pneumo-hydraulic pump with 500 bar pressure, with hose connection hose clamp, pressure control switch, safety valve integrated in the power pack and ON-OFF push button.

– Hydraulic unit or single-acting pneumo-hydraulic pump of 500 bar pressure with connection hose group-clamp, pressure control switch, safety valve integrated in the group and ON-OFF button.

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