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Publicidad creativa

Creative advertising examples

Okay, you have a great service or a product that will change the world, but nobody knows about it? The formula for success only works when the customer enters the equation, that is, you have to reach the people who are interested in buying it.

With the emotional part solved we will move on to the form, how do we tell it? We will look for a witty but easy to assimilate idea, a new way of telling things and simple to remember. It is essential that the creativity is understandable and that we are not too original for it to work. It is like tightening a rope, the more we stretch the rope the further we will go, but if we go too far, bye-bye rope. Great ideas stand out for their simplicity.

Creative Advertising 2021

What differentiates good creative advertising on the internet? And a rather striking question, is offline and online creative advertising different? I think creativity can be exploited in any walk of life, so I would answer that it’s no different from a creative point of view. If you find a way to hold on to something different and interesting, it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline.

First of all, it is important to clarify that to be creative in the advertising field you have to know the product perfectly, its environment, the news and trends and what the competition is doing. So in the online environment as well!

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While it is true that it is increasingly difficult to get that light bulb or idea to turn on inside your head, it is also important to keep in mind that realities change, and so do the means to carry out the best marketing strategy in the market.

Disruptive, engaging and impactful. Those that are made in order to reach the reader’s mind with a message that will change certain harmful habits or a problematic reality.

An example of how creativity in advertising also serves to raise people’s awareness about something. In this case a perfect example that makes us see the importance of seat belts.

Food, the most creative element to play with in our advertising! The most impactful commercials in history can be found with a soft drink, a plate of food or a delicious dessert. What do we have prepared for you?

H&S is a procter and Gamble brand that usually makes funny ads like this one. Using funny elements in ads has always been a good resource to improve the recall of them.

Creative advertising book

Creative advertising depends on a very important factor: the person who is able to create it, with a brilliant mind to provide a striking message to the receiver. Discover more information about this advertising alternative that will certainly never go unnoticed.

Nowadays, the creative factor plays a key role in the creation of all kinds of advertisements, especially considering that the range of tools to achieve it has expanded over time. The sales of a company will never be achieved if the phrases or slogans of a brand are not completely striking so that the viewer remembers them and retains them in his memory.

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Due to this innovation system, creativity has gradually gained its space in marketing and advertising, since previously there were many barriers that prevented people from working at ease, for example, the laws of the State.

It is necessary to take into account the pillars on which this advertising is built. These pillars have their own name in order to stand out from the competition: originality and imagination. Among those goals that must be consolidated for good advertising work are the following:

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