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Punk kilt


Punk Rave Kilt – High quality gothic killer kilt from Punk Rave. The killer kilt is made of lightweight faux leather with a rough pattern. The front of the skirt is open and has two belt buckles as closures. The skirt has two back pockets and a removable sporran. Features: Punk RaveKilt – Killer – Synthetic leather: 100% polyester – Lining: 100% cotton – Textile care: hand wash only – raw leatherette – smooth synthetic leather contrast at the waist – decorative straps and rivets – D-rings – removable sporran – two back pockets – adjustable belt buckle Size chart: s: Belt: 78-82cm m: Belt: 82-86cm l: Belt: 86-90cm Xl: Belt: 90-96cm XXl: Belt: 96-102cm

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Influenced by urban tribes and the city, our look can take a new dimension thanks to the perfect inspiration of one of the coolest cultural and musical trends of all time thanks to the new Bershka collection, which has turned punk into a reference of great pieces that we don’t want to leave out of our closet.

The tartan in red and black garments combined together offer us an ideal outfit to achieve a perfect casualness in our look, combining checks with prints that take us back to the DIY aesthetics of the time.

The most sophisticated version of patches on clothing now comes in the form of prints on plush cargo pants, a piece between casual and sporty for all tastes. Available for 22,99 euros

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Itinerario – Horror Boutique

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que la talla de sus pantalones es diferente a la de su KILT. Mida alrededor de su ombligo y no como lo hace para los pantalones o pantalones. Por favor, proporcione el tamaño correcto para un kilt precisa.Precio de referencia por el vendedorVer másUn precio de referencia es proporcionado por el vendedor del artículo (bagpipertrendish). Los porcentajes de descuento y los importes de ahorro se basan en el precio de referencia del vendedor. Los vendedores no están obligados a proporcionar un precio de referencia, pero si lo hacen, debe ser (a) el precio de venta sugerido por el fabricante (MSRP) o el precio de lista similar del producto; o (b) el precio al que el artículo se ha puesto a la venta recientemente y durante un periodo de tiempo razonable.

Punk & Ska & Volk

– We use brass metal components, rustproof and nikel free, but this does not guarantee that rust will not appear if the shoes are left wet or damp. Dry the shoe well, and with particular care the inside of the shoe, where water could accumulate inside the stud. Use a hair dryer;

– To clean footwear treated with neoprene adhesives or applied fabrics, we recommend the use of cold water, liquid neutral soaps followed by abundant but quick rinsing. Avoid, if possible and as always, machine washing;

– the silk personalized must absolutely not touch water, they must be cleaned exclusively with a sponge, cold water and neutral soap for hands. Avoid immersion and do not dry in the sun or near heat sources (radiators);

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– FOR ANY CLEANING OR WASHING OR CONTACT WITH LIQUIDS dry them completely and immediately or as soon as possible with a hair dryer from the inside to avoid accumulation of water inside the studs. Until completely dry. This is in all cases of contact with water or liquids as mentioned;

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