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Raising canes survey

Bar Chart, Frequency Polygon and Pie Chart

Today we close the first survey, which has been open for about a month, as we said in the relevant article. As a colleague said, it is a kind of ophthalmological trivia game, where you will have to find the correct answer. The question that was posted on June 2 and has been open until today was the following:

Which retinal cells are capable of transforming light into nerve impulses?a) Only conesb) Only rodsc) All retinal cellsd) Only cones and rodsc) None of the above.

The total count reaches 152 votes, which is not bad at all. Perhaps the data I was most interested in was this one, the turnout. Considering that most of the visits the blog receives are “incidental” (they come from search engines, read the information of a specific article and do not come back), I have no clear idea of how many people come back to the site and may be interested in these more interactive activities. I also have data from the feeds, those who read me by RSS, that I have around 400 “visits” daily, and these are indeed “regular readers”. But as they do not visit the page, it can be lazy to open the browser to vote, depending on the participation I would decide whether to continue with the polls. With more than 50 I was satisfied, so with the result, I am not only satisfied but also happy. Thank you all for participating

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Statistical Graphs for Clustered Data

Walking is one of the most popular recreational physical activities among American adults (1, 2) and is often recommended for previously inactive individuals. However, as fitness levels improve, it is necessary to increase walking speed for additional improvements. This means that individuals may need to participate in activities such as walking or jogging to achieve a cardiovascular training effect. On the other hand, walking is a skill that is not easily acquired and jogging can lead to problems such as lower extremity injuries (3-5).

Biomechanics practitioners have shown that the use of climbing poles reduces lower extremity loading (6-9), speculating that the poles may reduce injury rates.

In addition, exercise physiologists have studied the effects of climbing poles on metabolic and heart rate responses to walking (9-13). Some investigators have reported that the use of poles at constant speed increases oxygen consumption by 12 to 23% and heart rate by 6 to 18 beats per minute (11-13). Other investigators claim that the main benefit of using climbing poles is that they reduce the rate of perceived exertion, although physiological responses such as oxygen consumption and heart rate remain unchanged (9,10).

Graph for a discrete quantitative variable

Today, more and more young people are becoming active, playing sports, studying and quietly participating in all spheres of a society that makes efforts to ignore them; they are making their presence felt and making themselves heard.

There are many older adults who, despite being at the age of a well-deserved rest, choose to continue working and continue to be a contribution to society. However, the problem lies in getting the labor market to generate opportunities for them and in overcoming the resistance to hire them because they do not trust their adaptability and/or productivity.

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The labor market faces a contradiction: on the one hand, it seeks profiles for positions that require high specialization, but on the other hand, it “punishes” the most experienced people, favoring the hiring and permanence of younger people, whose salary does not imply a track record. In addition, there is an overvaluation of youth, which adds to the fact that many companies do not have an organizational culture prepared to take advantage of older people.

Statistical Graphics using the MEGASTAT Add-on

Now, regarding the smart walking stick prototype, it can be indicated that taking into account marketing theories, this proposal can be evaluated based on the users’ assessment (Esteban and Mondéjar, 2013; Soriano, 1992). In this sense, the following three essential benefits that customers expect from a product can be highlighted:

The smart cane market is increasingly competitive, but the characteristics of each smart cane with ultrasonic sensors seeks to meet the main needs of the visually impaired user to be sustainable over time. In this context, several alternatives have been used, one of which is endomarketing, also known as internal marketing; this focuses on proposing the use and training of the product within the institutions that serve visually impaired users. The purpose is to motivate healthcare workers and visually impaired users to appreciate its advantages of use (Rodríguez Fernández, 2017).

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