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Raw cone dog toy

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Although there are no studies to confirm this, many dogs are more active and leaner after switching to a BARF diet, in addition to having a shinier coat. In order for your dog to get all the essential nutrients from a BARF diet, you must be careful.

There is a lot of talk these days about the Barf diet for pet dogs as if it were a fad, but in reality Barf is nothing more than an acronym for what is known as “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food,” or raw, organic food suitable for dogs’ digestive systems. This is not a trend that is going to disappear in a hurry, but a return to the eating habits of dogs based on those of their ancestors, the wolves.

It is important to clarify one thing: wolves, and in general the ancestors of modern dogs, were not exclusively carnivores, but ate a mixture of raw meat, predominantly fruits, vegetables and greens. Today we also know that it is good for the health of dogs to supplement their diet with minerals, vitamins and oils containing fatty acids and linoleic acid, but this does not change the idea of the Barf diet: feeding dogs raw meat, bones, offal, fruits and vegetables.

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Beautiful girl in warm clothes with beautiful dog sitting on winter street, woman looking at dog and puppy on the side in the background of buildings. Walking with the dog in winterPet material on white backgroundMouse cat toyPet leash and rubber toy on wooden background.

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.Pyrenean shepherd dog ans toysDry pet food on black board top view of backgroundDry pet food on black board top view of backgroundPet care, play and training concept. Toys, accessories and dry food on yellow background. Top view. Space for a text.

Female hand applies antiseptic spray alcohol on yellow pet ball at home, pet friendly during quarantine and world epidemic time at home. The toy looks like a virus.

Walmart customers at cash register countersWatercolor illustration hand drawn funny set cute playful cats with stripes – cat playing with butterfly and balls collection – black, gray, whiteFlat composition with accessories for a cat isolated on white background. Pet care

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Chicken fillet snack rolled up in a dog toy, entertains our dog while taking care of his teeth and gums. 100% natural. With a high content of animal protein and low fat (Light Product). Complementary food for your dog, very rich in nutrients.

Use as a treat or reward at any time, within a balanced diet. The dog should be supervised at all times while feeding. Keep in a cool, dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight. Always leave fresh fresh water available for your pet.

Rabbit fillet snack rolled up in a dog toy, entertains our dog while taking care of his teeth and gums. 100% natural. With a high content of animal protein and low fat (Light Product).

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It’s been a week since Caballero came to live with us. His life has changed a lot, he’s in a new country, in a new house, with a new schedule…. The changes are not easy but Caballero is taking it very well except for the hours he stays alone at home.Kong toyBoth Adri and I work and therefore we are absent from home for a few hours, not really many (exactly the same time we …

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We tell you the best tips for your pet not to suffer with the heat Summer is here! And with it the sunsets of infinite light, the terraces, the always deserved vacations and, of course, the heat.

Interactive toys are a way for your dog to play thinking. It is ideal for rainy days (like today that I am writing these lines), dogs that are in rehabilitation, dogs that don’t like to be left alone or simply as fun for your dog.    These games are ideal for adult dogs, puppies, blind dogs, deaf dogs, grandparents dogs… we go for ALL types of dogs. Be your …

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