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Proporcionamos oficinas de alta especificación, con todos los servicios en condiciones flexibles. Disponemos de oficinas de 2 a 60 personas. Con una bonita decoración y vistas a los alrededores, con luz natural en todas las oficinas. Hay 750 plazas de aparcamiento, compartidas con Broad Street Mall NCP.

Las oficinas cuentan con servicios que incluyen personal de recepción y equipos de apoyo, portador de Internet de 1 Gb/segundo e instalaciones de salas de reuniones profesionales. En el alquiler mensual se incluyen zonas de descanso con salas de reuniones adicionales, instalaciones de cocina (con té/café ilimitado) y lavavajillas, sala de duchas, equipo de recepción para ayudarle a usted y a sus visitantes, servicio de atención de llamadas, limpieza de papeleras y escritorios a diario, configuración de TI/telecomunicaciones, llamadas nacionales ilimitadas, 20-100 GB de uso de datos y aire acondicionado privado.

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The former mayor explained that Merida is one of the cities where most people comply with the payment of the property tax, it is known that around 65% of the owners comply with this tax, which would mean that around 260 thousand Meridanos homes would have this coverage free of charge.

“We want to continue providing security to the citizens and, with this program, Meridanos will have more peace of mind because their belongings will be insured, and not only against home burglaries, but also against the effects of the weather,” said Renán Barrera.

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Resolution of November 14, 2019, of the Undersecretariat, publishing the Agreement between the General Treasury of the Social Security and the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, on the transfer of information.

– The management and monitoring of disability and retirement pensions in their non-contributory modalities and in the manner provided for in article 373 of the revised text of the General Social Security Law.

– The monitoring of the management of the economic benefits derived from the revised text of the General Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and their Social Inclusion, without prejudice to the direct management of these benefits in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

– The proposal of basic regulations that guarantee the principles of equality and solidarity for the determination of the scales, for the purposes of the recognition of the degree of disability and dependency.

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– The proposal and execution, where appropriate, of the functions attributed to the Secretary of State for Social Services in Article 2.2.a) of Royal Decree 1047/2018, of 24 August, specifically: “The articulation of the participation of the General State Administration in the System for Autonomy and Care for Dependency, in the terms provided for in Law 39/2006, of 14 December, on the Promotion of Personal Autonomy and Care for Dependent Persons.

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