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Rib platter

Beef ribs

If we have the opportunity to roast the pork ribs in the embers during a barbecue they are a delicacy, but the result does not detract if we cook them in the oven at home or make them share the limelight with other ingredients, preparing other types of recipes with ribs such as rice or fideuás.

They are so versatile that they are finger-licking good whether they are cooked for hours in a slow cooker or for a few minutes in the pressure cooker to soften the meat while the oven heats up to give them the final touch. If you are one of those who are always in a hurry, these quick roasted ribs will be your favorite recipe.

But undoubtedly, the ultimate barbecue ribs recipe is this one that we propose to cook on the coals. Although the previous steps may seem laborious, I assure you that if you put them into practice the next time you make a barbecue outdoors, you will cry tears of emotion.

It is practically impossible for such a thing to happen, but if there are ribs left over after a barbecue, one way to enjoy them again is to use them as a filling for this impressive empanada.

Baked ribs in aluminum foil

If you are looking for recipes with pork ribs we are going to propose 5 dishes full of flavor with this ingredient that is always a success, both in traditional stews and baked or even with rice!

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Try this delicious baked pork ribs recipe and you won’t regret it, because they are tender and juicy. And if you’re still hungry for more, try the honey baked ribs, spectacular!

Barbecued ribs have a spicy touch that I love… Of course, you can make them milder by eliminating the chili pepper from the barbecue sauce. In the link we explain you how to prepare them step by step.

Origin of the ribs

The recipe that we bring you next, are delicious baked pork ribs. They are very easy to prepare, you only have to follow a few steps to obtain a succulent dish.

Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day after breakfast, because of the high content of nutrients that it should provide to the body. Costa Rican gastronomy provides rich and varied meals that can be part of your daily routine.

Costa Rican cuisine is authentic and multicultural, product of the influence of several culinary currents that have arrived in this country, providing a mixture of flavors and techniques that have contributed to form its identity.

Traditional Costa Rican cuisine preserves some vestiges of ancestral flavors and knowledge, which unfortunately have deteriorated over time, but have undoubtedly left an important legacy in the typical dishes of this culture.

Pork ribs in sauce

Rioja-style pork ribs, a traditional recipe from La Rioja that is very easy to prepare. This dish is economical and delicious at the same time, as it brings together all the flavor of the land by mixing the meat with the vegetables, resulting in tender, juicy meat and a truly spectacular sauce.

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Fried pork ribs are loved by almost everyone. Surely most of us have tried garlic ribs in the oven or on the barbecue, but I assure you that fried with garlic they are no less delicious! I explain you the step by step so that you can make these garlic ribs at home because…

Based on the recipe for orange ham, these ribs in sauce are a delight that you can not miss. It is an elaborate but simple preparation at the same time, with a contrast of aromas and textures that, without a doubt, will not leave you indifferent. Do you want to know the step by step? Follow…

We take out the coconut milk (Grate the coconut, then put it to liquefy well in a glass of water, drain it in a canvas and leave it aside, and then we put to liquefy what is in the canvas again and with that second milk we put to cook the ribs, let them cook well, apart in a frying pan we put…

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