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Rosary walk

Lighting of Paseo del Rosario Shopping Center 2018

The objective of the tour was to verify the new sidewalks and urban equipment arrangements by which these traditional places of Rosario’s downtown are fully accessible for blind and visually impaired people.

On his part, Diego Dorta, president of Mucar, highlighted that the initiative arose from a joint work between merchants and the municipality. “At the time, together with the merchants and the authorities, we decided how to put the guides; then we came to control it and now we verify what was done,” he explained.

“We are very happy that an organization such as Comerciantes del Paseo del Siglo and the Municipality have listened to the need, particularly of visually impaired people,” Dorta valued.

This is a system of reliefs on the sidewalks that allows blind people to identify with their feet the spaces where they can move freely, as well as those with furniture or closer proximity to the street. Accessibility is completed with the traditional ramps guaranteed at each of the corners that comprise the aforementioned sector.

Walk through Rosario part 1

Centro Comercial Paseo del Rosario Centro Comercial Paseo del Rosario is located at 10-97,,, Calle 7 #101, Garzón, Huila, Colombia, near this place are: Claro (114 m), Cj Impresores (266 m).To specify the working hours, it is possible to specify the phone number: +57 8332004.

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To get a better view of the location “Centro Comercial Paseo del Rosario”, pay attention to the streets nearby: Cra. 10. For more information about how to get to the specified location, you can find it on the map presented at the bottom of the page.

A stroll through Rosario, gastronomy and well-known spaces

The City Council of Puerto del Rosario appreciates the work done by Luis Ibarra at the head of the Port Authority of the province of Las Palmas in the growth of Puerto del Rosario and the integration of the capital port in the city.

Another of the major investment works carried out by Ibarra and his team is the creation of the esplanade and access dock to the pontoons and the inner breakwater attached to the cruise pier ramp. The installation of new pontoons is currently underway, which will guarantee 200 new berths in optimal conditions of safety and services.

Finally, the commercial wharf, in response to the renewed expectations of port traffic, will be enlarged by 250 m, consolidating this capital as the main hub for passenger and cargo entries and a center of internal connectivity.

New promenade of Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura

Rosario is its river. One of the privileged balconies on the Parana is in the Paseo del Caminante, in the Costa Alta. It is a pleasure to walk along its banks, at the top of the ravines, touring one of the many parks overlooking the river and its islands.

The Paseo del Caminante is very nice. It is located at the northern end of the city, in a neighborhood that is also very busy due to the number of bars and restaurants that line the coastal avenue.  We walk to this park, but so do the fishermen. It is a pleasant, quiet place, privileged by the panoramic view over the skyline of Rosario.

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The Costa Alta includes a path of more than 600 meters long, the one we know as Paseo del Caminante, which joins Fontanarrosa and Galicia streets with the famous Bajada Escauriza.  The fishermen settle on a “T” shaped dock that goes a good part of the way along the river. This deck is also a starting point for some boats that visit the islands.

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