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Sibling newborn photoshoot

Big brother and baby photo session

I’m sure you’ve fantasized a thousand times about the arrival of your baby. When will it be? Where will the first contraction surprise me? Will he/she meet the due date? What will be the first outfit I’ll put him/her in?

If your intention was to have the memory of your newborn baby at birth, don’t let circumstances prevent you from doing so. They may not be the photos you had imagined, but at least you won’t regret letting this moment slip away.

At the beginning of the quarantine one of my clients said to me, Alba, tell me how I can take pictures of the baby so that I can get decent pictures, even if they have to be homemade. This made me think that more than one mom would be thinking the same thing and that they would find themselves without resources to take them. So I’ve been preparing this post to help all the moms and dads who are living the first days of their baby without being able to leave home, to encourage them to take some nice pictures of this special moment.

In addition, I am compiling a series of Instagram accounts that are not photographers, but mom influencers, whose photos will give you lots of ideas on how to take baby pictures at home. If you want me to send it to you, leave me your details in the button at the end of the article.

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What is a newborn and big brother session of Ana like?

Before the photo sessions were taken to babies when they were a little older because it was easier for them to pose or smile. But that’s totally outdated, now they are also taken to newborns. If you just had a baby or you are about to have one, check out these photo shoot ideas for your little ones.

The birth of a baby is one of the most important events you experience as a couple. From now on you will be connected forever by a little angel. Include photos with mom and dad in your photo shoot as well.

Include older siblings in the session, they don’t always feel very comfortable with the arrival of a sibling, but if you involve them in moments like this you will make them feel more important. Plus you’ll love having pictures of all your kids.

A few days ago I came across the news that in several countries they are implementing an attachment octopus in the crib of newborns, especially for those babies who were born prematurely.

How a newborn session was made: Three brothers and

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