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Silestone marble price

If you are a cleaning maniac with dark colors you are going to suffer a little, one of the stains that most affect the countertops are lime, and in these shades are more noticeable, especially if you look at the light (but this is not necessary!!!, if you look for something sure you will find it).

The problem with zeus white Silestone, or other models, is that in this color other different effects are produced. For example, limescale that is not cleaned over time yellows, and burn marks, rust, dry wine or metallic marks are much more noticeable due to the contrast of colors.

Anyway, despite what we have seen, there is no need to become obsessed, to avoid major problems and have the kitchen countertop clean and in good condition, it is necessary to incorporate into your daily routine a series of simple actions that will prevent the deterioration of the Silestone kitchen.

Silestone for kitchens

Lo primero que nos mostraron fue su nuevo tacto de encimeras SUEDE. Este nuevo acabado extra mate de SILESTONE destaca por la suavidad de su textura aterciopelada. Ofrece una textura nunca vista en superficies de cuarzo y se presenta con un color más intenso, un comportamiento más eficaz ante las manchas y las marcas de huellas.

También Conocimos los nuevos colores de la serie NEBULA CODE. Esta serie nos ofrece la garantía de SILESTONE en cuanto a dureza, resistencia a impactos, rayados, protección bacteriostática y escasa absorción. En las fotos os mostramos los cinco modelos nuevos que esta Serie lanza al mercado.

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Price silestone calacatta gold

To get the m2 price of a Silestone countertop, it is necessary to know previously, if not all, several data: the dimensions, the color (not all are worth the same), edge finish, how the sink and the hobs are fitted, and if you need additional accessories.

All Silestone color types are classified by tones or series: basiq series, cielo series, custom series, eco line series, eternal series, iconic series, life series, mythology series, nebula series, platinum series, rivers series, stellar series, stone series, stonium series, tropical forest and zen.

The black Silestone is another color that interior designers like, it is widely used in spacious rooms that have a lot of light, giving a touch of elegance and sobriety. Cosentino’s color fits perfectly with white kitchen furniture.

The beige series is warm, cozy, bright and one of the most used shades in decoration. In this case Silestone has a wide range of colors in earth, sand and brown tones that you can combine perfectly with any type of kitchens.

What is the cheapest silestone

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