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Sneak peek photography

El Regato hosts Miren Pastor’s “Bidean”, a preview of the wedding of Rocío and Toni.

We leave you with the preview of the beautiful and busy wedding of Rocío and Toni. On the eve of another weekend warrior, here are some shots of the intense day of celebration that we spent with them and their wonderful family and friends. Eighteen hours of pushing the button, of walking among Romans and castrexos, of entering their homes and finding ourselves in our own, and of capturing emotions and anecdotes of a day that was really special.

You have to be really crazy to get into the middle of Arde Lucus dressed as a bride and groom. If a wedding photographer also encourages you, then it’s a done deal. Beautiful, fresh, spontaneous and different photos, with 3 photographers and 1 videographer covering everything. We had a great time, and it served as a recharge for the great dance that awaited us. A great evening of which we will soon deliver the full report. Wishing to choose among the more than 15,000 shots that we brought with us. We are sick, hehehehe.

Mily’s Birthday Preview – Romina Ferreira Fotografia

Sometimes we tend to consider as great masters the pioneers of photography or those who are no longer (or do not practice), but there are certainly current names that we can place in this category. This is the case of the Dutchman Frans Lanting, one of the most renowned nature and wildlife photographers and to whom we surely had not paid due attention in Xataka Foto.

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And the fact is that, long before global warming and climate change became widespread, this photographer, born in 1951 in Rotterdam, was already fighting to denounce the need to take care of the Earth through images that have marked an epoch in nature photography.

So, even if some of you are not familiar with his name, you have surely seen some of his powerful images because he has been on the cover of countless occasions of the best nature magazines, including of course National Geographic (a firm with which he has worked assiduously, first as a resident photographer and later as a collaborator).


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In the Tierra Grata Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space in the municipality of Manaure, Cesar, the Miradas Collective, with the support of the UN and UNDP, held a documentary photography workshop given by one of Colombia’s most important photographers, Federico Ríos Escobar. Thirty-five photographers from all over the country participated in the workshop, who have been capturing different initiatives, problems and realities of their territories.

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In addition to strengthening the knowledge of the participants, the meeting sought to build relationships, networks and knowledge exchange, taking into account the participation of indigenous photographers, Afro-descendants, peace signatories, mestizos, women, young people, professionals and/or those who have learned from their backgrounds, which made this a very diverse group.

It is important to highlight that during the meeting there was also a visit from photographer Jesus Abad Colorado, who shared his reflections and knowledge with these new generations of documentary photographers.

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