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Solstice coffee table


Due to the rains, landslides, increase in the levels of rivers and streams, overflows and floods in low areas could occur. Therefore, the population of the mentioned states and maritime navigation are urged to heed the warnings of the National Meteorological Service of the National Water Commission (Conagua), and to follow the indications of state and municipal authorities and Civil Protection.

In the north of the country, the entrance of an unseasonal cold front and instability in the upper atmosphere will cause heavy rains in Coahuila; very heavy rains in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas; heavy rains in Chihuahua and San Luis Potosi, and showers in Durango and Sonora.

Rainfall is forecast for Monday with thundershowers and hail conditions in Chihuahua, Coahuila, Mexico State, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Sonora and Tamaulipas.

Tutorial : Yule log for centerpiece

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Conversos – Chapter 5: Wicca and other forms of spiritual magic

After Christmas, when the figures of the nativity scene have already left little by little, the seasonal table is filled with the colors of the cold winter: white and ice blue wrap this corner of nature at home, along with new elements where King Winter is the main protagonist.

If in Advent we decorated everyone’s windows with colorful paper stars (every day we put up a star with the #PreparemosJuntoslaNavidad initiative), why not take advantage now of those stars to create other beautiful rainbow stars that give a little warmth and color to our cold windows?

(5) Now it’s time to prepare them for hooking them together. To do this, we fold one end upwards and from the remaining ends, we open a flap on the top left end.

I hope all these ideas have inspired you. And you know that in winter the earth seems asleep, but in its roots life does not cease and prepares for a new rebirth, which we will live with the arrival of spring. Then I will publish what our spring season table looks like.

Humanities Colloquium “The meaning and value of diversity”.

The meaning or interpretation of this event has varied in different cultures around the world, but most of them recognize it as a period of renewal and re-birth, involving festivals, fairs, gatherings, rituals or other celebrations.[1].

The interpretations given to the solstice by various cultures are varied. Winter is a subjective term, so the beginning or middle of a winter is not scientifically established, but the winter solstice is clearly accurately calculated. For Celtic countries, such as Ireland, generically the winter season begins on November 1, the day of Samhain. Winter ends and spring begins on Imbolc or Candlemas, which is February 1 and February 2.

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The main axes of both monuments appear to have been carefully aligned on a line of sight pointing to the sunrise of the winter solstice (Newgrange) and the sunset of the winter solstice (Stonehenge). Significant with respect to Stonehenge is the fact that the Great Trilithon was erected from the center outward from the monument, i.e., its good flat face turned toward the midwinter sunrise.[4] The Newgrange monument was erected from the center of the monument, i.e., its good flat face turned toward the midwinter sunrise.[4

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