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The film directed by Salvador Calvo and starring Anna Castillo and Luis Tosar is at the top of the box office in our country since its premiere and has already accumulated more than three million euros and has been seen by 570,000 spectators. It has grossed more than three million euros.

“Sky Rojo”, the long-awaited new fiction by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato, creators of “La casa de papel”, promises to be Netflix’s new worldwide bombshell. “Sky Rojo” will premiere worldwide next March 19 on Netflix. The first season features 8…

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It happened also with films that had had a presence in awards such as La trinchera infinita, which many discovered on its arrival on Netflix. The drama about the Civil War achieved a deserved visibility that it had not had in its first window. It has also happened with the series. Starting with La casa de papel, now a Netflix series, but which began its journey in Antena 3, the same network that produced Perdida or Toy Boy, later bought by the platform and successfully added to its catalog.

Goya Award for the best inter

UPDATE: The film, directed by Salvador Calvo and screenplay by Alejandro Hernández, had received 13 nominations for the Goya Awards 2021, including Best Film, Best Direction, Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay. At the gala on March 6, the film won four awards: Best Direction to Salvador Calvo, Best New Actor to Adam Nourou, Best Production Management to Ana Parra and Luis Fernández Lago and Best Sound to Eduardo Equisde, Jamaica Ruiz García, Juan Ferro and Nicolás de Poulpiquet.

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Goya Award for Best Act

Everything, after being walking with his sister and seeing some hunters kill an elephant to sell its tusks. The situation leads them to get involved, unwittingly, in a trafficking affair from which they must get out of the country by any means necessary.

Undoubtedly, this is a moving film, even though it sometimes overemphasizes the same theme. Nevertheless, it helps to understand the different factors that operate in such a decisive process as leaving a country without any security.

He and two other policemen begin a trial for abuse of power resulting in the death of a man with political asylum. Despite the videos showing the beating, the justice was favorable to the guard, but it generated a break among these colleagues, because -especially one of them- realized the mistake they had deliberately made.

Thus, these three cases -narrated with a very good rhythm- contextualize the different social problems that migration entails, not only in the fact of who is forced to leave their country, but also of who receives them.

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