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St. Petersburg, (1899-1977). Vladimir Nabokov, Russian-born American novelist, poet and critic, is considered one of the leading figures of world literature. After fleeing his country in the wake of the Russian Revolution, Nabokov graduated from Cambridge University with the highest grade. Under the pseudonym of Vladimir Sirin he began writing for the Russian emigrant newspapers in Berlin. His literary fame was discreet until the publication in Paris of Lolita (1955), a work that meant his consecration as a writer. Nabokov’s exclusive territory is the complex tragicomedy, in which time and space are condensed or expanded, and metaphors and similes intermingle in an incessant game.

Pillars of eternity companions

Sorcerers are the mysterious wizards of distant eastern countries. Apprentices to their craft, they have come to test their strength and seek rare books of arcane knowledge in the demon-infested crypts beneath Tristan.

Though practitioners of the mystic arts are rare within the often superstitious and religious lands of the West, many mages have made the pilgrimage from the Far East to see for themselves horrors that lie beneath the ruined cathedral of Khanduras. The Brotherhood of the Veiled Vizjerei, one of the largest and most dominant of the mage clans of the East, has sent many of its acolytes to observe the dark events unfolding in Khanduras hand first.

The Vizjerei, known for their brightly colored Turinash, or spirit suits, have taken a great interest in both gathering knowledge from the demons and seeing them dead. The Vizjerei elders hope that their acolytes learn the secrets of the dark evil that the growing sensation in the West and can destroy it. The possibility of discovering long-lost tomes of knowledge of magic within the confines of the labyrinth has also captured the interest of many wandering sorcerers.

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Epic equipment is the highest level of equipment. The power of the equipment varies between 30 to 50. The Hammer of Wrath is worth 100,000 coins and the bloody equipment is worth between 400-450 blood rubies. The equipment has two starting skills and one skill at Fusion Level X.

[SUB-ZERO]50-100% chance to apply Freeze on enemy equipment at the start of the game.50% chance reduction of opponent’s unblockable attacks. (available at Fusion X level)

150-450% maximum health increase. Nightmare Tower only.When the demonic bat attacks an opponent affected by bleeding, the user heals 20% of the victim’s maximum health. (available at Fusion X level)

Special Attack 2 applies the incurability damage applied to the entire opponent’s team for 5s%. Incurability cancels the opponent’s healing effects. Any healing, including recovery, is also restricted while incurability is active.


Mourinho is in a hurry to change the face of Madrid. Florentino Perez’s new sorcerer has been in the role of lifeguard from day one and has already dusted off his little book to rescue the team. Pace and ball in double sessions and maximum demand. After dictating his rules to the players, Mouse got down to work. Not a second of respite until he had squeezed the sweat out of the 10 players under his care, who were joined in the afternoon session by Pedro León, presented yesterday by the president of the club.

There is no doubt that he is the galactico. Not because Madrid is signing earthly players, but because Mourinho is in charge even in the toilets at Valdebebas. Meticulous with the rehearsal script and even closely following the players’ stretching, the new coach wore a polo shirt with the initials J.M. on his chest. The only thing missing was the deheriff star.

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After the talk and a physical circuit, it was time for the ball. With the blackboard in his hand, the Portuguese player kept giving orders. His voice was loud and direct over the players: “Play it. Come on, Lassana. Another ball. Press, press. Good Mahamadou,” he shouted during the matches, in which eight youth players also took part. Karanka, his new assistant, didn’t miss a beat.

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