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St berdoodle rescue

Saint Bernard Shorthair

If you travel to Switzerland you may well expect to find a St. Bernard with one of those brandy barrels hanging around his neck. I am sorry to disappoint you: the barrel is as false as Heidi’s existence.

Staring at a St. Bernard is like drinking a carafe of lime blossom. It’s impossible not to be contaminated by the impishness of its every movement (or lack thereof). His gaze (when he feels like keeping his eyelids open) is so absent and devoid of emotion that one might think that, in the face of a terrorist attack, that dog would remain unperturbed. Like someone who hears rain.

And much less brandy or any other alcohol: alcohol is the worst solution to combat hypothermia, because while it is true that you can feel warmth in the throat when you swallow it, alcohol is a vasodilator, so it produces cold in the body, not heat.

What St. Bernard dogs do do is to be trained as rescue dogs, as their 100+ kilogram bodies and broad chests allow them to make their way through the snow, while relying on a good sense of direction to find their way home even in the middle of the strongest storm and blizzard.

St. Bernard adult size

As a crossbreed, this dog breed inherited the best traits of its two parent breeds. It has the loyalty you expect from a Saint Bernard with the social nature you associate with Poodles. Even experienced breeders don’t know what traits a litter of puppies will have because they can pick up traits from both parents. There is no guarantee that all puppies from the same litter will also look or behave the same way. Breeders essentially work hard to make sure each puppy is intelligent, social, loyal and affectionate. As you work with your new puppy, you can foster the traits you love.

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Also known as St. Berpoo, these dogs come in several colors. White, black, cream, brown, brown, silver and red are some of the common colors. Blue dogs are those with a soft gray coat that resembles the color blue. You will also find some with a café-au-lait coat, which is a rich, soft shade of brown. A Saint Berpoo may have a mixed color coat that incorporates more than one color as well.

Dogs similar to Saint Bernard

These dogs can be long haired or short haired. Coat colors can be red and white, brown and white and brindle and white. Some dogs have dark masks over the eyes. The ears are set high on the head and are drooping. The eyes are dark and somewhat narrowed. The forehead has many creases. Saint Bernards also have flews that make them prone to drooling.

Although the dog needs to eat enough food to maintain a healthy weight, it should not be overfed. Excess weight can strain the joints and worsen any hip or elbow problems the dog may have. The dietary requirements, in proportion, for a Saint Bernard may be lower than those of other breeds because its temperament is calmer and it needs less exercise than many other breeds.

Experts believe that those early monastery dogs were used as guard dogs. However, their life-saving ability soon became evident. Over the next three centuries, St. Bernards are said to have saved more than two thousand human lives.

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