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Star wars checks

The neighborhood Cañicas Imaginalia delivers its solidarity check to

Some time ago someone commented, in order not to have to spend it all at once, that he found a way to skip this limitation, which consisted in making a purchase of for example a tablet or something like that, and then return it, with which they gave you a card with money that you could then spend on whatever you wanted little by little.

From now on I am going to edit the rest of this post so as not to confuse the staff, as I was confused with the figures in the explanation, as Marino notes in his next post… I also change a little the figures in the example of this post with respect to those of the post in which I make the clarification to Marino. Gosh… This looks like the contracting party’s contracting party’s contracting party….

Let’s go one step further… Do you want to convert your savings check or bonus ticket (which obviously can only be invested in Carrefour and has an expiration date) in cash because you do not want to invest that money there -because you are more of Hacendado, for example- or because you want to invest it in something else that they do not sell there? Very easy… At least they did it to me as I tell you, and I discovered it on the rebound, because when I returned what I had paid I went in ipso facto to buy the same and more, because there was a 2×1 of that item (movies), without caring that the refund had been made in cash or card… it was not planned, come on…

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What is ”The Mammoth Spirit” Note to Blank Check

The script for Episode VIII, possibly titled Echoes of the Dark Side, has been gutted by a Reddit user who claims to have read the script, and which has given numerous clues about the next installment of the saga created by George Lucas. If true, fans could be in for an event as important as the revelation that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, back in Empire Strikes Back.

The real truth about Rey’s parents, Benicio del Toro’s new villain, the return of characters like Yoda, Obi-Wan and…. Hayden Christensen as a Force ghost? And that’s just the beginning. Here is a review of 12 revelations from the new Star Wars Episode, whose title could be Echoes of the Dark Side. Whether or not it is true that user u/LouEvilOne has the script of the film, it is best that those who do not want more information than necessary, do not read any further.

In Johnson’s film there will not be as many parallels with The Empire Strikes Back as in Abrams’ film, however the structure of the Jedi training will be repeated. In addition, Finn and Poe Dameron are kidnapped by Kylo Ren to bring Rey back, so we may see another confrontation between the two.

How to Get General Skywalker | Star Wars Galaxy of

Alan Dean Foster is a beloved author in the world of Anglo-Saxon science fiction and an important figure in the Star Wars universe: he wrote the novelization of A New Hope (although he retained the rights) in 1976 and The Mind’s Eye, the first original novel of the Expanded Universe of the saga, as a black man for George Lucas. He is also responsible for as many novelizations of Star Trek, The Thing and, most importantly for what concerns us, three of the books based on the Alien franchise.

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American contract law, like ours, doesn’t work like that, you always acquire both rights and obligations, profits and debts and potential losses. Disney’s goal in this case seems to be to wear down opponents and hope they don’t want to go to a costly trial. SFWA has publicized what happened both because of the outrage towards Foster and out of a guild fear, if companies start acting like this, moving from paying royalties to authors of licenses you’ve bought from a third party by system, hoping they’ll get tired, “this could affect any writer.”


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The Star Wars universe is full of iconic characters, both human and from other planets, who have been the protagonists of numerous adventures in a galaxy far far away since the saga was first released almost at the end of the 1970s. Who does not know Yoda, the iconic Yedi master, Hans Solo, the well-known Anakin Skywalker, Princess Leia and many more.

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