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Sunset canyon granite


Perhaps because Cape Fisterra hides the real secret of the Costa da Morte: rugged landscapes and stunning beaches, some (sheltered by the cape) with calm waters and others with strong waves as Mar de Fora, one of the wildest beaches in Galicia. And the great attraction of all times, the sunset over the immensity of the ocean, the sea at the end of the world.

When the Romans arrived here, they witnessed for the first time the overwhelming spectacle of the sun sinking into the waters. They found an altar dedicated to the sun, the Ara Solis, erected by the Celtic tribes of the area. Several sources see a direct parallel between the image of the sun sinking into the sea, and the host and chalice of the coat of arms of Galicia. Today, a square in the village is called Ara Solis.

It is known by all the sailors of the world, for its importance as a means of warning of the proximity of an extremely dangerous coast (its light reaches up to 65 km in length), as well as for the reputation of treacherous of this maritime area.

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Granite sensu stricto refers to rocks that, within the previous group, have a ratio between both classes of feldspars – alkali and plagioclase – from 50% or more favorable towards alkali feldspars. Depending on this ratio, granites are called:

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monzogranite, up to an equal proportion between alkali feldspars and plagioclase [2]Granitoids are the most abundant rocks of the upper continental crust.[3] They form 4.5 % of the earth’s crust and 15 % of the continents.[4] Granitoids are the most abundant rocks of the upper continental crust.[4] They form 4.5 % of the earth’s crust and 15 % of the continents.[4] Granitoids are the most abundant rocks of the upper continental crust.

Granitoids form when high-silica magma – known as saturated magma – solidifies deep beneath the Earth’s crust under conditions of high pressure and slow cooling. If a magma of granitic composition reaches the surface, a volcanic rock called rhyolite is formed.[5] Granites are formed from the earth’s crust under high pressure and slow cooling conditions.

Granites form from formidable masses of magma, which rise through the Earth’s crust because they have lower density than the surrounding material. Before solidifying the magma filled a magmatic chamber, from which it can also reach the surface by volcanic phenomena, although this rarely occurs with acid, granitic magmas. The “buoyancy” of the magma is countered by the effects of viscosity (which is characteristically high in magmas of granitic composition), and by the fact that for a magma body to occupy a site there must be displacement of other material in proportional quantity. Granites are preferentially emplaced following pre-existing fractures and faults in the earth’s crust.[10] The ascent of magma can be forced or passive; in the first case the magma breaks through by its own force, compressed by the surrounding materials, opening fractures and displacing material; and in the second, stresses in the crust create spaces that are filled by magma.

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Forest fire sunsetOriginal fine art acrylic landscape painting. Framed.Acrylic on canvas. 14in x 18inLiving in Wyoming, I marvel at the many spectacular sunsets that nature puts on display. During wildfires the colors of the sunsets become particularly dramatic. This painting was a spontaneous inspiration while watching the sunset over Cody Canyon.To see more go to

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Photographic and Balloon Trip to #Namibia

If you travel to Jordan, Wadi Rum is a special place that you should not miss. It is a red sand desert that will give you the feeling of being on Mars, this complex ecosystem of extraordinary beauty, forms a geological combination of shapes, colors and archaeological remains that are a World Heritage Site since 2011.

Also known as the Valley of the Moon for its landscapes, it is a rocky desert with sandstone and granite massifs that offer a spectacular view. A visit to Wadi Rum can be done in a 4×4 excursion with a local guide or on your own, but you must do it in an all-terrain vehicle.

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One of the best activities is to visit the different points of interest aboard horse, camel or 4×4 excursions. It is an option to see the area from another perspective and feel in tune with the environment.

There is a set of dunes called Al Hassany with dunes between 300 and 400 meters. Although Wadi Rum is not a sand desert, in some areas usually protected by some rock formation, you can find dunes. The views of the reddish massifs with their shapes are of great beauty.

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