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Tooth stud

How to remove a dental pin?

In order to reproduce the base shade on the zirconium dioxide framework, a mixture of VITA AKZENT Plus EFFECT STAINS 5 and 3 (both orange) was used initially. After firing, it was layered with VITA VM9 BASE DENTINE 3M2 analogous to the determined base shade and cervically customized with EFFECT LINER 6 (greenish yellow), 2 (beige) and 3 (brown), CHROMA PLUS 3 (light orange brown), EFFECT CHROMA 10 (EC10) greenish brown and GINGIVA G2 (orange pink). After the first dentin firing, 3M2 and TRANSPA DENTINE 3M2 were combined with SUN DENTINE 3 (orange red), light ENAMEL, EC10 and 3 (light yellow), bluish EFFECT ENAMEL 10 (EE10) and neutral EFFECT OPAL 1 (EO1). After the second dentin firing, whitish characterizations were incorporated by means of thin vertical and horizontal lines with various INTERNO STAINS. For the final layering of the enamel, a mixture of NEUTRAL, WINDOW (WIN), EC 1 (white) and numerous EFFECT ENAMEL materials were used.

Types of dental pins

Your crown should completely protect your sensitive tooth underneath it. However, if your dental crown is broken, loose or cracked, you will experience discomfort or pain in the surrounding area of the tooth. Since the underlying tooth is bare, it is very susceptible to decay and bacteria.

Now, if you receive your crown, it should not affect the way you bite. Your dentist will shape your crown to make sure it matches the height of the surrounding teeth while maintaining your normal bite.

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An aging/outdated dental crown, or one that includes metal components that do not match your teeth, can affect longevity. Talk to your dentist and replace it with a silver or gold crown, especially if it is on the front tooth.

In such cases, it is best to replace the crown with a new one. Before making the decision to “replace”, consider your “insurance policy” because some companies tend to pay for new crowns only after a specific period.

Dental bolt price

That is to say, we use it in teeth that present an important destruction and that, nevertheless, in their radicular portion they are still usable. In these cases a root canal or endodontic treatment is performed (removing the nerve) and so that the reconstruction material or the sheath has retention we place a structure inside the root canal (where the nerve was).

Therefore, whenever an intraradicular post is placed, an endodontic treatment of the tooth has been previously performed and in many cases it is advisable to finish the treatment with a crown (sheath) to ensure the resistance of the work.

What is the best dental pin

The dental pin is a metal shaft that is inserted into root canals where endodontic treatment has been performed in order to increase the strength of the teeth. This type of accessory is chosen when the reconstruction of a tooth may be insufficient and a “reinforcement” is needed.

Once implanted, dental pins can give artifact problems when a dental scan is performed, i.e. cause image distortions that lead to incorrect or inaccurate interpretation, thus altering the diagnosis and possible treatment.

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A patient having dental pins in his root canal is just one of the scenarios that can make it difficult to obtain detailed and undistorted images. Another example is dental gutta-percha, which is also used in endodontic procedures to fill the root canal.

The comfort of the Veraview X800 is another of its strengths. It has a chin rest that can be lowered to 1.005mm, allowing patients of any height or reduced mobility to adopt a comfortable posture during the test. The scanner also has 3 different dental arches, adapting to the patient’s jaw type.

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