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Build your virtual pc

The first known record of the term “personal computer” appeared in 1964 in New Scientist magazine, in a series of articles called “The World in 1984”. In an article entitled “The Banishment of Paper Work”, Arthur L. Samuel of IBM’s Watson Research Center wrote: “Although it will be entirely possible to obtain an education at home, through one’s own personal computer, human nature will not have changed, and there will still be a need for schools with laboratories, classrooms, and teachers to motivate students”.

In computing, a workstation is a high-performance computer intended for technical or scientific work. In a computer network, it is a computer that provides people with access to the network’s servers and peripherals. Unlike a stand-alone computer, it has a network card and is physically connected by cables or other unguided means to the servers. Server and workstation components achieve new levels of computing performance, while offering reliability, compatibility, scalability and advanced architecture ideal for multiprocessing environments.

Pc gamer

Knowing the compatibility of my PC components is a concern that most of us have when we are about to buy a computer for parts. This is due to the huge amount of components on the market and the different models. That is why here we will try to give the keys so that we are able to choose well the components of our new PC and that all of them go perfectly when we assemble it.

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There are many components, but only a few will be critical and necessary to make a computer work. Precisely these we will have to look at to know the compatibility of the components of my new PC. These will be:

The graphics card is not going to need compatibility in terms of connectivity, practical effects all of them will be compatible with the current components. The interface of all of them is the same, i.e. PCI-Express Gen 3 x16, but it will be important to choose the power supply and the chassis.

Undoubtedly this is the first compatibility we should pay attention to. Depending on the processor we want to buy, our choice of motherboard will be conditioned to it and also the RAM memory. These three components are the most important of our computer, and also the most expensive, so all the time we waste looking for compatibility will be time well spent.

Build your pc

Build your pc step by step, cpu and motherboard compatibility is guaranteed. Our technicians will review your order and will inform you of any incompatibility detected. Shipping time 5 days approximately.

If you select this option our technical team will assemble your computer in a professional way, this is a great advantage because in this way we can evaluate the chosen configuration and thus be able to offer you an alternative in case of incompatibility of components or simple performance improvement.

Build your gamer pc

Have you ever lost a game with your friends or failed a final boss because of that annoying frame drop at the worst moment? Do game load times stretch to the limits of your patience? If you are considering changing your gaming PC, we are going to help you with some setups proposals for different budget ranges, taking into account the components available in the market today.

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These are our proposals for this month, in order for you to build the gaming computer you need. Remember that the components can be combined or modified to create your own customized set.    Don’t forget that, of course, the higher the specifications or requirements you want, the higher the investment you will have to face. Remember that if you want to know more about how to build your own gaming PC, don’t forget to take a look at this post.

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