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Valentine’s day maternity shoot

Photos of children on valentine’s day

If for you and your partner this is going to be your first Valentine’s Day before the birth of your child, we propose some practical and original gifts to surprise the mother-to-be and celebrate this day as she deserves.

Any pregnant woman should keep a pregnancy diary, as it is a beautiful way to remember the most magical and unforgettable stage in life. This diary from Mi muselina helps you to know week by week how the baby is growing in the belly, and to document your moods, put photos or capture your feelings.

Pregnancy is a beautiful but really ephemeral stage, however long it may seem to us. Sometimes it happens that we reach the end of pregnancy without having taken beautiful photos that will remind us forever of the special moment we have lived.

The Suavinex maternity kit is designed to care for and pamper women during pregnancy. It consists of a body mist spray low in alcohol, whose subtle aroma is perfect for the delicate sense of smell of the pregnant woman. It also has an intimate gel formulated without soap for daily hygiene and care, and an anti-stretch mark cream with centella asiatica and hyaluronic acid to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and smooth the skin.

Family photos charm

We love couples in love because they give off that illusion and love that only in that vital state you can feel but we also understand that love is universal in all its breadth so we would like to celebrate it with you.

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Who doesn’t like beautiful photos? How many times have you given something meaningless because you couldn’t think of anything else? Now it won’t happen to you: give the gift of an experience that starts the moment you give it to us, exchangeable for any of our sessions…

We get together in the studio and take some romantic photos for you to have an incredible memory. But also with the good weather we always want to take pictures outdoors in places like gardens, rivers, flower fields or even in the city urban style.

Valentine’s Day baby

The history of literature allows us to access certain writing procedures that serve to activate creativity and dive into our mind, memory and recording capacity. These exercises, as a forced foot, allow us to recover experiences and find tools in language to capture and represent them.

This workshop, focused on those who want to start writing as well as those who already write, seeks to expose in each session a writing procedure with its references and foundations, so that everyone can then test it using their own history and environment.

Through texts selected from a bibliography, in each session a different form of writing will be presented and the participants will be asked to do a task based on it for the following session. The proposals will be read and commented among all attendees.

Exercise: Reflections on the historical account in first person and the intrinsic relationship between personal history and collective facts will be presented, the assistants will be asked to bring a testimonial text or a text on an ancient object for the next session.

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Baby photo ideas month by month

Sweet and natural studio sessions for newborn babies. My priority is that they are calm, warm, sleep peacefully, respecting their time without forcing poses, that their safety and well being are the priority. Photos with siblings and parents are included in the session.

With the arrival of good weather, we want to take advantage of the spectacular sunsets that we have in the Terreta, either in the countryside or on the beach. We will do some family photos, very natural, nothing static. I will advise you about the clothes you should bring so that the result is perfect!

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