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Valentine’s day mini sessions

Mommy Sessions – May 10, 2021

As some of you may already know, couple sessions are my favorite, and if you add to that the fact that Valentine’s Day is coming up, it seemed like a perfect occasion to have a mini-session promotion to celebrate love.

I think that’s the most beautiful kind of memory you can have from a photo shoot. It’s the kind of couple photos I do because it’s the kind of photos I like to have with my boyfriend, it’s as simple as that!

As you can see I will be doing them during January and February so you can do them whenever you want and just because you feel like it, you can do them before Valentine’s Day and take advantage of some of the photos to make a little surprise gift to your partner or ask me for a gift voucher to give it on February 14th and do the session afterwards.

Session scenario February 14, 2015

It seemed like everyone was offering Christmas mini sessions and Easter mini sessions galore, however, I enjoyed the opportunity to bring attention to my work during the off-season and give my photography business a little marketing during those cold Canadian months. That’s when I decided to offer mini Valentine’s Day sessions to my clients.

Keeping your pricing in line with what you would normally charge gives your client base a baseline of what they can expect from you if they want to book a full session. If your mini sessions take you a third of the time your regular sessions do and you are including a third of the files, prints, etc., then charge a third of what you normally would.

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This is just a guideline, of course, but some food for thought. Also, keep your valentine sessions short. I work with a device and find that 15-20 minutes is plenty of time to get what I need. Sticking to a short timeline avoids overages and will also save you time on the computer later on

Crafts for Valentine’s Day : Heart Box

The Christmas season is over, and I decided to make this post, because not everyone has the habit of taking seasonal photos, either at Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Now with the new technologies anyone can take pictures from their cell phone. In my particular taste, cell phone photos are good to show something instantly, even for the memory of an event, but it is very nice to have nice edited photos of a particular season, especially printed, so that they remain for posterity, and you can then frame, or place in an album.

It is also important to keep in mind that nowadays photos are not only used to put in a picture. With the magic of sublimation you can print your beautiful photos on a T-shirt, on a mug and even on a lamp or light box. In many studios we offer this possibility.

For those who don’t know the term outfit, we refer to the clothes you will use for the photos in your seasonal mini-session, whether it is Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You have to keep in mind that if the studio does not include the wardrobe, the colors of the wardrobe you bring must be combined with the photography set. For both Christmas and Valentine’s Day, red is a good choice, and neutral colors such as beige, carmelite, dark blue and white will always be allies and will match any set. If the photo is a family photo, with more than one person, not everyone should wear the same color, but they should match. My advice is to stay within that neutral color range, and your photo will look great.

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Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot! Magical Love Adventure

Sweet and natural studio sessions for newborn babies. My priority is that they are calm, warm, sleeping peacefully, respecting their time without forcing poses, that their safety and well being is the priority. Photos with siblings and parents are included in the session.

With the arrival of good weather, we want to take advantage of the spectacular sunsets that we have in the Terreta, either in the countryside or on the beach. We will make some family photos, very natural, nothing static. I will advise you about the clothes you should bring so that the result is perfect!

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