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Van gogh tattoos

Dalí Tattoos

There are many artists who previously gave life to different works of art through the use of brushes and colors quite bright and flashy. What would happen if a tattoo artist and a person decide to pay tribute to this artist by using a tattoo? Well, the result would be quite beautiful and we show it to you below.

Normally these tattoos are worn on any part of the body of the person who wants it, it is only a matter of choice. Although as advice we would tell you to place them in parts of the body that are visible, because in this way everyone can enjoy this wonderful art on your skin.

Tattoos leonora carrington

However, especially in painting, we see that there have been works that have permeated society because of their conceptual or technical relevance, and that have become so popular that there are few who would not recognize them.

In tattoos, thanks to advances in techniques, these works can be captured making perfect replicas of the originals, whatever the style they belong to. Thus, we find tattoos of works of art, which are authentic works of art in themselves.

Many of us know some artists who have established themselves as true references in their style. Their works are representative of ways of thinking or living, bringing us closer to understanding the reality of the society of the time.

The most used works of art for tattoos are of many different styles. There are those who opt for more classical and simple works of art, such as “The Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci. Others resort to paintings with more dense and colorful styles, such as Van Gogh’s works, and there are even those who choose to get tattoos with a crazier style, such as the well-known paintings of Dali or Andy Warhol.

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“Mademoiselle Madame is a being who is lost and has fallen into the abyss by letting herself be carried away by bad influences: unable to ask for help to get out of the potholes we all have, and that is why we are all Madame.

I had to play the role of my life. It is the visual and musical representation of a person who is lost and is not able to resort to the necessary or optimal tools to get out of that black hole. This short film composed of three songs tells a narrative preceding what will come next, which is that album I’ve been working on for so many months: ‘Libre’. Sofia Ellar has freed herself from the character of Madame and is back to being her usual self, the one for everyone, with her very characteristic songs. “

“I’ve had to play the role of my life.” She is now Penelope Cruz. She has literally been the same person, but responding to fans with monosyllables on Instagram and a black wig. Really, we just can’t credit that the green light has been given to all of this. The best part is that Sofia is taking advantage of the project to announce ‘Libre’, her new album, in which she claims to have freed herself from Madame: a character she created herself that lasted her two hours. Blessed freedom.

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