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Vanessa hudgens glasses

Vanessa Hudgens and her party makeup look | Secrets of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is not one for half measures. When she steps on a red carpet, she likes to make it clear that she’s there and that she’s come to eat up the cameras. What better way to do it than in a stellar dress? Literally from another planet. Because last night the actress shone like a star in a light blue Haute Couture gown. And yes, she looks like she glows.

And if the glitter was not enough, Vanessa Hudgens has combined it with silver Paul Andrew shoes. She is the brightest star of the party, no doubt about it. Will you be able to stare at her?


She rose to fame after starring in the Disney movie, High School Musical, and since then, her popularity has skyrocketed. She has become a style icon, her street style choices (where bohemian aesthetics reign) and red carpet are usually the most applauded.  That’s why today we are inspired by her to bring you a new chapter of ‘Get the look’.

The actress was photographed walking the streets of Studio City, California, with her sister. And, for the occasion, Vanessa wore a folk style composed of white off the shoulder blouse, one of the trends of the summer; mustard colored die-cut midi skirt with ruffled hem, and nude sandals. As accessories, a pair of glasses with round and mirrored lenses and tortoiseshell print and a minimal pendant. A simplicity that translates to her beauty look as well, and the actress is a faithful defender of naturalness, and this time was not going to be less, and chose to collect her hair in a low ponytail of informal air.

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Vanessa Hudgens Fashion Outfits

Although Hudgens is one of the partners who owns Cali Water with Oliver Trevena, the actress didn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing drink on the beach, even if it wasn’t her brand of cactus water with hydrating, electrolyte and antioxidant properties.

Aware of the importance of protecting her skin, she kept her look on at all times with $160 FAE x OXF sunglasses and a Dalix cap with an embroidered fantasmita. Without losing glamour, she selected a few pieces of gold jewelry, among which a $6,000 Cartier bracelet stood out.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson in Bikinis!

Finally for the third, she repeated the backpack and booties, but tied her hair in two ponytails and wore long earrings with the symbol of love and peace. She wore the “Lola Cap” by Australian brand Lack of Color and a crochet dress by Vanessa Mooney.

In the final post, the brunette declared, “Peace, Coachella. You were amazing” and we couldn’t agree more. Each of her style choices definitely sparks our imagination for the upcoming weekend and surely, we will see many fans copying the best tips of the undefeated festival queen.

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