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Verona granite countertops

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Granite is a type of rock formed by the cooling of magma in the earth’s interior and is composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. It is a very suitable material for kitchen countertops because of two important advantages: it withstands high temperatures and is very difficult to break or scratch.

Granite is a natural material, so it is impossible for the countertop to be identical to someone else’s. It is important that whoever installs a granite countertop is not only a natural material, but also a natural one. It is important that whoever installs a granite countertop is a good professional, so that it is well seated on the furniture and does not break. In D’Cocina we have great professionals so that everything fits like a glove and you do not have to worry about anything.

Silestone® or other brands of similar products such as Compac® or Quarella®, are quartz conglomerates. Basically, quartz conglomerates are a mixture of quartz with resins and dyes. This mixture is vacuum-formed to eliminate air bubbles (increased strength), and subjected to enormous pressures.

It is difficult for a quartz conglomerate to burn or stain. However, we must follow its instructions for use and maintenance, as with granite, with which we must be careful with lemon, vinegars and oils.

Kitchen countertops factory

Kitchen refurbishment has been one of the star works during 2021 and so far there has been no sign of a slowdown in this trend. Where there has been a change is in the prices and delivery and installation times of kitchens. Another of the workhorses for customers and suppliers has been the breakage of stock of some references of various brands and imported materials.

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We indicate the price details of various brands of kitchen countertops and the aspects that include their price. The choice of the countertop brand, the color, the thickness, the finish -whether matte or polished- and the type of edge can increase the budget by up to 30%. Here are the keys.

Within the same type of product category, for example, porcelain tile, there can also be significant differences in the price of the same color, depending on the manufacturer. All manufacturers have classified their materials by price families, where flat and basic tones are usually the most economical, while white colors, for example, and those imitating natural stone are the most expensive. In terms of finishes, glossy and polished finishes are more expensive than matte tones.

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let’s see if someone can help me because I’m in a mess. I have bought an apartment and I was thinking of putting yellow granite Brazil. In the store I was told that it was not porous and no stains were left on it but I have read in some forums that yes, it is horrible the stains that come out with water, oil … come on, with anything. Does anyone have it in their kitchen? What do you think?

Well, I simply confirm that the granite does get stains from the oil. Although they are removed, perhaps not too easily, but light colors are always used, because I think they camouflage the type of stain better. Consult prices of other materials in case they fit in your budget.

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But as I have commented, there are many types of granites and those of light colors, or very dark, usually disguise much this type of stains. Besides, you won’t be cooking in a dirty way, filling the countertop with oil and grease every day.

Several things, granite as natural stone is porous, depending on what it is (or composition) more or less, the marble when they cut and polish it they put glazing products or something like that they say, more or less they close the pore, but it always remains, if we go to the silestone is made with resin but also carries quartz and granite, even so it also stains. Now I explain.

Temuco quartz cover

For the purposes of this document, deep storage in hard rock means a subway storage facility several hundred meters deep where the hard rock may consist of

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