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Vhs textures

VHS effect in Premiere Pro / Tutorial

You’ll get anything from hazy space echoes over lush reverbs to modulation effects based on extraterrestrial sounds. They say the combinations are endless, and you’ll never hear the same result twice!

And to finish off this batch, Baby Comeback is a free delay effect developed in collaboration with our brothers at Computer Music. It offers a simplified version of the award-winning Comeback Kid delay/echo.

These are three interesting proposals that you should try, being so immediate their downloads (and let’s remember that they are free courtesy of Baby Audio!). This operation will be very easy for you, as our button below will link you to the official page where you just have to enter your valid e-mail address to start the process. Come on, let’s have fun!

Photoshop CC | VHS/Glitch effect on an image

VHS is a band hailing from the province of Mendoza, composed of Paula Grau (Bass and vocals) and Sofía Guardatti (Guitar and vocals). Formed in 2019, after both met in high school and shared other musical projects, the band started working on their first album, produced by Nicolas Cassia and recorded at Underplace and NPC studios.

Photoreports, illustrations, collages, comics, videos and other graphic and audiovisual pieces. Send us a description of your collaboration, information you are interested in publishing and a link to download the images.

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Photoshop Tutorial – Glitch VHS effect for any photo

With the help of a camera that will possess supernatural powers, we will be able to advance, go back or pause the time of certain objects, being able for example to rewind some fallen shelves that block our way, or discover how an object has ended up in a specific place.

To all this we must add that sometimes we will come across a mysterious creature from which we will have to run away stealthily, while avoiding his gaze because if he catches us it will be the end of the game. We can use our camera to confuse the creature but it is true that it facilitates the survival challenge that these situations propose us.

Free VHS effect with Template for After Effects CC

In 2016, the film was deemed “culturally, historically and aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.

Eddie and Jessica are eventually brought to the Acme factory, where Doom reveals to them the goal he was pursuing with the Toontown appropriation. When Eddie asks how he intends to carry out his task, Doom reveals a giant melter launcher machine, with which he will spray Toontown to exterminate it. In the midst of all this, Benny encounters Roger, who had taken Eddie’s car and (due to his inexperience behind the wheel) had crashed it heavily. Benny takes the wheel of the car from Roger and together they go to the Acme factory to rescue Eddie and Jessica. The plan goes awry after, following his heroic appearance, a pile of bricks falls on top of the rabbit, who, far from worrying about the situation, expresses his happiness at seeing stars after the blow he received.

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