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Wander nails


Vargas Vidot, reconocido por su trabajo a favor de los adictos a drogas y deambulantes, aseguró que su organización ha tenido que pedirle permiso a jóvenes armados para poder ofrecer servicios de

Vargas Vidot, conocido por su labor de ayuda a los drogadictos y a los sin techo, aseguró que su organización ha tenido que pedir permiso a jóvenes armados para poder ofrecer servicios de salud a los residentes de estas zonas.

difundido el martes en Londres, donde ubica su sede central, también expresó preocupación por el trato recibido por deambulantes de Bayamón de parte de oficiales policiacos del municipio.

El informe se hizo público el martes en la sede del grupo en Londres. También expresó su preocupación por el maltrato que la policía estatal ha dado a los indigentes en Bayamón.

Entre oficinistas estresados, altavoces rugientes con esa última llamada a los pasajeros que faltan y el carrito de la compra que no deja de sonar porque se ha quedado atascado detrás del grupo de adolescentes que pasean en sus primeras vacaciones a una isla remota

DEAMBULANTS (Complete work)

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Radio Ambulante Estudios was born with a question: what does Latin America sound like? We answer that question every week, with stories from all over the region, covering migration, families, politics, love, the environment, and much more. We have two podcasts, Radio Ambulante and El hilo, and although they have different perspectives, they share journalistic rigor and narrative sophistication.

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We work collaboratively with talented journalists and producers from different parts of the continent. Our work has won awards in Latin America and the United States, and we are ambitious in the best sense of the word: we want to produce high quality audio chronicles that surprise, move, and entertain week after week.

Wanderers. TV

“Deambulantes”, also known as “The true story of the wandering poet”, is based on the life and work of Gloria Fuertes. This is how we find two totally different but, at the same time, complementary characters. Two actresses who give life to two very daring and unique girls.

Berta is a disturbing inventor who spends her days creating the most extravagant objects. But in reality her greatest dream is to create machines to be able to travel without any frontiers standing in her way. On the other hand, Violeta keeps looking for herself in any place and trade. This is how she appears in an egg factory, a howitzer factory, transcribing letters or counting airplanes. But one day everything will change in the lives of these girls when they receive a letter from their aunt Calixta with an unexpected gift: a typewriter.

DEAMBULANTES or the true story of the wandering poetess

While Berta invents machines for traveling and other extravagant inventions, Violeta tries to find her true vocation. She tries all kinds of jobs, but in none of them does she find a place for herself.

La Cantera exploraciones teatrales is a team of professionals of different nationalities and areas of the performing arts whose main objective is to carry out pedagogical-creative theatrical activities aimed at professionals, students and anyone interested in the performing arts.

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