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because the lenses are slightly tinted. They are ideal to protect the eyesight in cases of low light or slight luminosity, such as at dawn, dusk or when driving at these hours to avoid reflections on the asphalt. They are not suitable for night driving.

Unlike classic sunglass lenses where the tint is uniform over the entire surface of the lens, gradient lenses go from a darker shade at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom.

This type of tinting is ideal not only for distance vision when the sun’s rays strike the upper part of the lens, but also for close-up vision, since the lens is lighter at the bottom.

Polarized lenses use a specific anti-reflective filter that allows for clearer and sharper vision. To understand the difference between normal sunglass lenses and polarized lenses, you first need to know that when the sun’s rays hit reflective surfaces such as water, they project the rays in all directions, almost escaping the control of our eyes, as if they were disconnected vibrations.

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Sunglasses are a common accessory for many people. Often the user does not know what should be the characteristics and qualities needed in sunglasses to really meet its basic objective: to protect the eye without sacrificing a good visual quality.

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The second factor to consider is functionality. Sunglasses for sports activities should provide a good fit and be wrap-around to avoid glare from the front, sides and back. However, curvature and support requirements are less important when choosing sunglasses for city use.

The third factor to consider is the appearance provided by the glasses and whether or not they are in line with fashion trends. From an eye health point of view, it matters little whether the sunglasses are more or less good-looking, but it should be noted that if the wearer does not feel good in them, he or she may not wear them. Feeling good in sunglasses, comfortable and fashionable, is also important.

Generational factors influence the choice of sunglasses. While young people place more importance on fashion, adults focus more on functionality and older people on protection.

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Sunglasses are spectacles, often tinted or darkened, to protect the eyes from direct and disturbing light. Sunglasses have a frame to which lenses or glasses are fitted.

Sunglass frames are usually made of metal or a synthetic material such as plastic or nylon. Lenses usually have different levels of ultraviolet (UV) blocking.

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Never choose sunglasses based solely on price. An excessively cheap price may mean that the lenses of the glasses do not have solar filters, which will seriously expose your eyes to solar radiation.

Experts advise frequent use of sunglasses with good quality sun filters. The glasses should fit the face so that they protect from the rays coming from the front and sides, adequately filtering UV rays that can have harmful effects on eye health.

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