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Webster bed

Difference Between Airtrack, Trampoline & Underlayment

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Webster | Tutorial | Freerunning & Tricking

Leandra left my room while Tobi stayed a little longer with me, my brother may be the youngest of the family but he is the most worried of the three, sometimes I feel like I am the youngest instead of him.

Tobi squeezed my hand giving me one of his sincere smiles, just like mom. We heard the front door close, dad had arrived for sure. I got out of bed and walked out of the room with my little brother. As we walked down the stairs we heard our parents whispering in the kitchen, apparently something wasn’t quite right.

Let’s just say that there has always been tension between supernaturals and hunters, and Melrose is not free of that, in this city there are at least two important hunting families, and like the Lockwoods, they are involved in high positions of the citizen society to keep abreast of everything.

I stood still, hearing his voice in my head, he was trying to disturb me. The ritual had worked, but I didn’t expect its effect to be so short, it’s the first time it didn’t last that long. I tried to act normal, I didn’t want to alert anyone in my family.

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My WEBSTER and FRONTFLIP (somersaults) progression #13

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