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What Determines Hair Color
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how is hair color determined sciencing hair color is determined by three factors having to do with pigments how much pigment is present to what degree a eumelanin or phenomelanin is present and how close to her the melanin pigment granules are the more eumelanin a person has the darker his hair will be eumelanin is made up of melanocytes which are cells that give skin and hair its color this is the reason why people with blond hair often have lighter skin while very dark haired people have dark skin what determines hair color how hair grows and hair this means that hair grows about a half inch per month which helps to determine how frequently to color your roots if you choose to color your hair you may notice some strands of hair on your brush or on the shower floor is hair color determined by genetics genetics home hair color ranges across a wide spectrum of hues from flaxen blond to coal black many genes other than mc1r play a role in determining shades of hair color by controlling levels of eumelanin and pheomelanin what determines your hair color answers like most features hair colour is caused by a bination of your genes and your environment the genes involved in determining hair colour have not yet been fully worked out what determines hair color answers hair color is determined by colored molecules in the cortex of the hair the ratio between these molecules determines hair color the molecules are called eumelanin and pheomelanin

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