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White oak garage door

Garage lift-up doors prices

Solid oak cupboard composed of upper and lower independent module. Central door with shelf perfect for glassware. Measures: width x depth x height 235x55x190h. Height of the lower module 66cm and upper module 124h Corner table is given as a gift.95 EUR

Solid oak doors, in good condition. 7 standard size doors at 15 euros per unit plus a double door with glass for 30 euros. Two of the doors open to the right. The other 5 open to the left. All together for 100 euros. They are delivered with its frame and molding. Picked up in Perales del Rio, Getafe85 EUR

Living room and TV furniture from the Alida series. Made of high strength melamine with white artik and canadian oak finishes. The structure of the furniture incorporates a low TV module with four doors, an upper module hung with door and an external shelf. Base unit dimensions: 200 x 43 x 41 cm (width x height x depth). Measurements upper cabinet: 104.8 x 34.7 x 28.8 cm (width x height x depth). Shelf dimensions: 95.3 x 22 cm (W x H x D).250 EUR

Cheap garage door

Our elegant sectional garage doors open vertically upwards and fold parallel to the ceiling. In this way, our sectional doors provide more space inside the garage and in front of the garage.

The outer surface of the sectional garage doors is thermo-lacquered, which gives them an elegant appearance and increased protection against the weather. The GRUPO GUACHI sectional garage door is manufactured using carefully selected

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carefully selected materials achieving a robust door, a safe door, resistant, easy to clean, with a silent operation and a long life due to its German manufacture.

You can choose from different ranges of sectional doors and different models of panels, either embossed ribbed or smooth ribbed and choose the garage door that best suits the environment of your home or building. Because our

Upper EPDM gasket (assures the upper watertightness by adapting to the lintel clearances). Lateral EPDM gaskets (ensure lateral sealing, resistant to wear and tear). Bottom EPDM gasket (ensures bottom sealing).

Sectional garage doors prices

We also recognize that most garages now seem to be used for activities other than storing a vehicle, such as a gym, workshop, playroom, office or general store and this has driven the need for garage doors with more insulating properties than ever before.

With wood garage doors you get a huge variation in price with different species of wood, and the most common types are usually cedar, Idigbo, oak, hemlock, iroko and larch. The material of the door panel also affects the overall potential performance of the garage door. Steel garage doors are usually the strongest and sectional doors can be supplied in double skin panels up to 42 mm thick with incredible strength and insulation properties.

Sometimes the material we need for our garage door is dictated by the exterior of the house, local planning regulations or perhaps even the location. For example, if we live in a coastal area it would not be a good idea to use a steel garage door which is prone to corrosion, especially when we are constantly exposed to salt water. An aluminum garage door will be a better choice, as well as certain types of naturally resistant wood species.

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Hoffman garage doors

Installing a garage door is a decision that can be made for a variety of reasons. You may be building a new garage and need one, or perhaps the passage of time has deteriorated the one you already have. In any case, it is not an item that is purchased every day. For this reason, in these situations it is common to wonder how much it costs to install a garage door.

Indeed, the installation of a garage door is not among the usual expenses of any person. Moreover, it is always a long-term investment. That is why, before talking about prices, you should find out how to choose the best one.

Nowadays, there are different types of garage doors. Because of this variety, it is advisable that you know them all or, at least, the most common ones before making a final decision on the door you want to install.

This type of door is one of the most popular nationally. It usually consists of one or two panels that are lifted by arms compensated by springs or steel weights. When the door opens, the panel leaf is parallel to the ceiling.

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