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Wifi pick up lines

Applications for long distance wifi

If you live in an isolated area or the WiFi network you use has a short range, it is time to consider buying a directional WiFi antenna. These antennas are capable of capturing WiFi networks located at a distance of 15 kilometers.

There are different types of directional WiFi antennas that are used both indoors and outdoors in homes or businesses, with different coverage angles and ranges. We will explain what a directional WiFi antenna is and why you should buy one.

Some directional WiFi antennas are for indoor use only, some are for outdoor use only, and some are for both. You should check the specifications, especially if you are going to place it outdoors, as it must be protected against rain and dust.

External WiFi antennas are usually connected to the computer directly with a USB cable, or with a network or coaxial cable. Some also accept wireless connection by placing a receiver on the computer. It is important to check this if you are going to place the antenna outdoors, as you will have to use a very long cable.

Wifi stabilizer

Keep Active: helps to keep the traffic flowing between the phone and the servers. It is able to optimize TCP/IP parameters if necessary to provide a better user experience on the Internet through your mobile.

This is where this free app comes into play, as it allows you to automate a series of commands that will put the browser at the top priority of the operating system, in this case Android, to make sure you get the most out of the device’s resources to ensure faster browsing.

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How to improve wifi reception on my cell phone

Generally, one of the first steps to diagnose problems with your Internet connection is to do a speed test. A speed test is nothing more than a web page that uploads and downloads data, measuring how long it takes and then showing you the summary.

The speed test itself will not tell you if the problem with your connection is yours or the Internet provider’s, but at least it will confirm that something is wrong with your connection. Remember that it is normal for the result to be somewhat lower than the theoretical maximum you have contracted.

If the problem seems to affect a certain group of web pages, then it is more likely that the problem is with your provider. Sometimes intercontinental cables connecting different parts of the globe can have problems, so that pages hosted in your country work fine, but not the international ones. In these cases there is not much you can do except wait and contact your provider to make sure they are aware of the problem.

If, on the other hand, it seems that all the web pages work just as badly (or as well), the problem may be either yours or your ISP’s problem. You will need to investigate further before reaching a conclusion.


Study the interests and needs of your audience, and from here start to devise your content calendar. This calendar should be based on your business objectives. For example, if you plan to launch a new service in your private clinic, you can launch relevant posts to guide your followers to be interested in this new service. And of course, relevant content is crucial for your online positioning.

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And what tool is necessary to build a blog? Well, you need a digital software that allows you to create and manage content easily, especially if your team does not have experience in web development. This essential tool for your blog is a Custom Management System (CMS).

Analyzing the online visibility of your clinic can help you to detect new opportunities, which is why it is very important to have professionals who know how the healthcare market works and how to take advantage of your presence in the online healthcare market to attract clients.

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