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The diagonal, the granite material, the difference in levels, the time and the pause generated between the urban furniture and the sculpture of Robert Indiana made this place, Love Park, in the late 80’s and early 90’s the point of spatial exploration for skateboarders in the city, build a line there through the flow of the same trace of Bacon-Kling quickly became the meeting point for many, and then to go out skating all over the city of Philadelphia making it the skateboarding mecca worldwide, hence the recording of video parts (thanks to the contribution of Dan Wolf who recorded the scene) and the publication of the spot on the covers of different magazines and the fact that professional skateboarders moved to the city of Philadelphia just to skate every day in Love Park. The fact that professional skaters moved to Philadelphia just to skate every day in Love Park, accentuated as an additional trigger the occupation of the space.

In the period from 2001 to 2002 JFK plaza or Love Park was featured in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 video game, reinforcing it as a tourist destination for skaters around the world during the X-Games, the extreme sports games. In that same year 2001 and early 2002 the Philadelphia X-Games were held, which turned out to be a farce (between the TV station and the city council) for local skaters, since days after the event ended, on April 26, 2002, it was completely fenced off to begin a remodeling.

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Sara Chamberlain Eccleston was the pioneer in the professionalization of kindergarten teachers by creating the career for their training. She belonged to the cohort of teachers brought by Sarmiento and since her arrival in Argentina in 1884 she worked tirelessly. She had been hired for the organization of the Escuela Normal de Profesores de Paraná, one of the most important in the country, an institution where she worked on updating the curricula.

It was in this context that she met Sarmiento, to whom Mary Peabody, Horace Mann’s wife, spoke about the importance of the kindergarten as the foundation of primary education. Sarmiento had met the couple of educators in one of his trips to the United States.

After a return to her country due to her son’s poor health, Sara returned to Argentina where she settled permanently. She founded and directed a kindergarten in Concepción del Uruguay in 1888 and later settled in Paraná, where she continued her work in the field of early education.

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It is difficult to know who was the first manufacturer to introduce bentwood planters to the market. It was probably around the same time given the close watch and competition between Thonet Brothers and Jacob & Josef Kohn.    Thonet Brothers displayed a stupendous No. 1 planter in the house installation at the 1876 Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876. The base of this jardinière is the same as that of the dressing table in the catalog, with both pieces first appearing in the 1879 catalog.

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We also have a photograph of the interior of the Kohn pavilion at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universelle. It shows several planters and vases, including No. 3 in the form that will correspond essentially to that of the 1882 catalog. At the base it has some inner curls that in the later model will be replaced by a ring like the one seen in the photograph of the Philadelphia Exposition.

Thonet Brothers as well as Jacob & Josef Kohn and Sons of D.G. Fischel, among others, made a variety of planters and vases in bentwood -with three and four legs, with two bodies, rectangular section…-, reaching a high aesthetic level for a piece of furniture that is currently highly appreciated by collectors.

Rice and Cheese Dumplings | #VickyEasyRecetaFacil.

How did I finally manage to get a grainy quinoa? The answer lies in the rice cooker I got a few days ago from Hamilton Beach that has a 4-20 cup cooking capacity. (4-20 Cup Rice and Hot Cereal Cooker).

This is the part I like the most, because thanks to Hamilton Beach I will be able to give one of you a rice cooker just like the one in the picture above. Just keep in mind: You must reside in the United States, we do not ship outside the country, and you must be of legal age.

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