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Window replacement before and after

It is possible to change the windows of a building

One of the biggest concerns when winter arrives is to maintain an adequate temperature in our homes. The lack of adequate insulation leads to significant heat loss, so that with low temperatures, energy costs multiply. Among the factors that influence temperature loss are the enclosures of our homes: walls, ceilings, floors and windows.

How much can be saved with this type of windows? If they are used correctly, it is assumed that a typical house with about 11 square meters of window for 6 months can be around 200 euros. The replacement of old aluminum windows with single glazing for energy-efficient windows with double (or triple) low emissivity glass and a chamber of at least 14 mm, can save up to 70% of the money spent on heating.

Are there any grants for the installation of this type of windows? As of March 1, you can apply for grants awarded by the Xunta de Galicia known as Plan Renove for the replacement of windows in family homes, which will have to be done through an authorized installer. The amount of the subsidies is 100 euros/m2 of opening and up to 3,000 euros per dwelling. Wooden and PVC carpentry is included, as well as aluminum carpentry with thermal bridge break.

Replacement of facade windows

After the period of confinement many people have seen how their savings have increased, due to a good financial planning and a cut in their expenses. Adjusting to their budget has been fundamental to have a healthy economic situation.

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Having a good window is essential, as it insulates from the cold and heat or noise from the street. For this reason, some people decide to make it one of the changes to be made as soon as possible.

Hence the question: How much money does it cost to change the windows of your home and what budgets do you have to take into consideration to see if your personal finances are not disrupted? That is the essential question. The answer is relatively simple: the cost is usually high, but it all depends on the quality of the materials and the workmanship.

When you consider a home energy reform, knowing how much it costs to change windows is one of the most important questions. Not only heating is a more efficient source of energy. There are other elements of the house that play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of the energy generated, such as windows.

Window replacement

When we consider replacing or installing new windows in our home, many doubts arise about their price or about the available options. What is the ideal window price, which model is the most suitable or which material is better, may be some of the most frequently asked questions.

Whether you are interested in installing PVC windows or you need to install a special window for your living room, in this guide you will find some information that can help you make the final decision.

Let’s try to solve the most frequently asked question: How much does it cost to install new windows at home? There are many factors that will determine the cost of your installation, but some of the main ones are: the material of the window, the type of opening and the type of glass.

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The choice of wood and aluminum together may be the most comprehensive on the market. The wood-covered aluminum window manages to combine the benefits of the two materials; it represents a functional option that takes aesthetics very much into account. The wood manages to give a warm appearance, while the aluminum guarantees resistance and protection. A possible disadvantage is the price, this type of window does not fit into very limited budgets and its cost is quite high compared to other materials.

Replacement of windows and blinds

windows-13a They brighten, insulate and enliven your home. Windows connect us to the outside but also keep us safe inside from noise, cold and heat. Are your windows in good condition? If not, you should consider changing them now that winter is approaching. We tell you what you gain with it and why the investment is worth it.

The absence of noise will make us feel calmer at home and less stressed. Windows that incorporate systems such as double or triple glazing with an air chamber are especially insulating. Keep in mind that the greater the thickness of the chamber, the more soundproofing we will have inside (up to a limit of 17 mm).

Here is a technical fact regarding the change of windows: did you know that the technical building code requires that the glazing in new constructions must be double glazed and that there must be an air chamber between them to increase insulation?

It would be a shame not to take advantage of all the light or views that your house has by having to “hide” the old windows behind curtains. If the windows in your house look old or ugly, then you also need to change them. And in this sense, the aesthetics of a window is marked by its shape but also by the profiles you choose.

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