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Introduced a 1.6 engine with indirect injection Bosch k-Jetronic gasoline, which reached its maximum power of 110 hp after 6,000 rpm, associated with a four-speed gearbox. To improve cornering, the suspension height was reduced by a couple of centimeters. The tests of this modified model left no room for doubt, as it considerably improved the behavior with respect to the “normal” versions and the production cost was acceptable.

Thus, in 1975, the powered Volkswagen Golf arrived at the Frankfurt Motor Show. As they wanted it to be slightly different aesthetically, it was presented with the checkered upholstered seats that are still marketed today, the famous gear knob simulating a golf ball and some red profiles on the front grille plus, of course, the acronym GTI that stands for “Gran Turismo Injection”. With 110 hp and a weight of 800 kilos, the Golf GTI was a vehicle usable on a daily basis and sufficient for those who wanted an extra pepper in their compact, being able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds.

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Unlike the GTI, the GTE will only be available with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive. Its electric system and 13 kWh batteries will allow it to travel up to 60 km in electric mode at a top speed of 130 km/h.

Being a sporty variant, Volkswagen has given its GTI, GTE and GTD models firmer suspension, better brakes and steering. The GTI and GTD will have 15 mm less suspension height for more dynamic handling.

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As standard all will have the electronic locking sport differential, sport exhaust, new tuning for assistances such as stability control and the current differential that allows a more aggressive behavior without putting us at risk, as well as the option to even carry adaptive suspension that will modify its performance according to the selected driving mode (modes: ECO, COMFORT, SPORT, INDIVIDUAL).

The GTE and GTD variants will be distinguished by the emblems on the sides and the color stripe under the hood being blue for the GTE and silver for the GTD. The exterior lighting of all these models will be LED.

Green Gti

This bicycle is for recreational use, ideal for exercise, weight loss, improving your health and your general mood, for cycle rides with your friends or family, or as a means of transportation to your work or place of study.

The use of bicycles strengthens the person physically and mentally. Undoubtedly, riding a bike gives us a better overall fitness and serves to release many tensions and our mind from the worries of everyday life.

Cycling burns calories and is beneficial for the heart. With an hour of cycling at a not too demanding pace, about 500 calories are burned. It is one of the best activities to burn fat and therefore, fight against cholesterol, one of the first causes of cardiovascular disease.

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A Lorus Vintage Lorus Black-dial quartz watch is now available in our vintage collection. We are excited to present to you this beautiful date watch that has been so well preserved. The watch comes in near mint condition. It is powered by a durable quartz movement, and comes with a dark green textile watch strap that is adjustable and comfortable to wear.

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The process behind our brand is a complex one: restoring antique and vintage pieces, making them look flawless, carefully rebuilding what is broken and capturing them as accurately as possible so that these items have a chance at a second history.

Our vintage watches are extensively checked by the local watchmakers we work with. Any necessary repairs are performed by professionals, so you are assured, all watches are in perfect working condition. In addition, they are checked for another 24 hours, once the order is placed, before shipping.

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